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Hi Everybody!

I'm posting this as a backpacker myself with an aim to gather some research on backpackers perspectives on 'Dark Tourism' also known as thanatourism. With this, I pose the question of, why do we visit sites of disaster such as Auchwitz, or Ground Zero? What interests us and is there a difference between visiting say Auchwitz compared with Ground Zero? Is it ethically correct or should we leave the site in peace? What are your views!?

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Dark Tourism is a perfectly legitimate form of travel. I have visited ancient Roman ruins and battlefields. I stood in the dark cool hall of the Cologne Cathedral where hundreds of civilians, including many children, took refuge during the horrific Allied bombing of that city in 1944. As I stood still listening, I could hear the sounds of the explosions and feel the terror of the huddled masses.

I have communed with the spirits of the dead in many an ancient sacred place on this planet and such experiences remain an important priority for me in my travels.

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I think in some respects that it's important to visit these places, to fully understand the atrocities that happened there. It was only after visiting Auschwitz and Belsen that I could fully understand what the inmates there had to endure.

Understanding, I think, is key to preventing these awful things happening again.

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