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There are destinations you visit and you are like ‘ where have this place been all this while?’. This is what this content is all about to show you some of the best and friendly destinations for environmentalists and also for those who would want to take in fresh air. There are a lot of greenness that surrounds these destinations which is the reason a lot of tourists are seen coming here yearly to have a great time of their lives. In these destinations lives some of the most friendly people on earth too…Just make it to any of these destinations and you would understand why we said so.

Bristol, Britain

Bristol, Britain

Now, if you are thinking of something exotic in a tourist destination, this is what you are going to receive if you are coming to Bristol. This place has become one of the most fascinating places in Europe that has become a home to those who love beautiful scenarios. There are a lot of things that you can do if you are in this part of the world.  The less energy  per household use by the people has made them one of the environmental most friendly cities.  There is the Skipchen which is a café that is famous for making a lot of good meals.



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Iceland has become a land of beautiful things that have great places to visit. This place is situated on the mid-Atlantic ridge. Talk about tectonically active places, this is one of the most active destinations for that and it has more than  200 volcanoes and 600 hot springs, not to forget the glaciers and waterfalls. You would find geothermal resources and natural hydro that the people make use of.  This is the largest green energy producer per capita in the whole world.

Vancouver, Canada


Come to Canada and experience life to its fullest. In Vancouver, which has been ranked as one of the greenest cities in the world, has so many environmental friendly resources for you to explore. You can cycle and walk  or even ride around the city with its hybrid taxis and electric buses. It was here that Greenpeace started in 1971 and it is trying to become the greenest city in world come 2020.

Azores Islands

Azores Islands

This is an  autonomous Portuguese archipelago that consists of 9 volcanic islands. It has been named as the most sustainable destination in the world.  This was seen in the Sustainable Destinations Global Top 100.  You may be wondering why this place has become a very attractive place in the world. Just look at the surroundings and natural activities that are here.

Portland, Oregon


Portland is very famous for its artisan exotic meals and tach twisting hipster scene. The city has become one of American’s greenest cities. Once, upon a time, this was not what this city that was called a 'Stumptown' was until the people decided to change the city.  There are so many things that you can do while in this blazing natural city. Just pick your bags and come down here for an amazing time.




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