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Some countries are always the toast of tourists no matter the season. This is why we tend to see huge revenue in some countries from the pocket of tourists to other countries. The more people come here, the more developed and better these countries have become over the years. We would be taking you across Africa, Europe and Asia, to show you some of the countries that are most visited in the world. Here we go;



Every year, millions of visitors go to china for one reason or the other. Although the country is a huge destination for business travelers, tourism has also become a thing for China. The country is home to many historic cities and towns as well as famous sites. Visits to the Forbidden city, rides along rive Li for a picturesque view of the painted peaks, the hanging temple and the one thousand years old man made caves of Mogao are just a few of the many site attractions. Thankfully, there is adequate infrastructure and accommodation to cater for the many visitors.



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That France is not only the most visited country in Europe but also in the world will come as no surprise to most people. This country has been the dream destination for most travelers over the world. The beautiful people are very cautious of how they look and even of their body odour. If there is one thing French would not take kindly, it is speaking wrong French. Nevertheless, millions of people travel to the country to visit the many touristic sites. Some major touristic sites include Eiffel tower, the Louvre and Arc de Triomphe. France receives at least 81 million visitors each year.



The Kingdom of Morocco has a very rich culture, interesting history and numerous tourist attractions. Over the years, as the number of tourist visits to Africa has increased, Morocco has greatly benefited. This country that received about 10 million visitors in 2013 is determined to join the ranks of the world’s 20 top tourist destinations in the world by 2020. There are different site attractions in the country like the sand dunes and Morocco’s very own Switzerland, the Ifrane. However the country is now more interested in promoting cultural tourism by promoting historical sites. The country is home to some UNESCO World Heritage Sites.


United Kingdom


Who doesn’t want to feel and dwell in the place where royalty is the other of the day? The United Kingdom is one of those countries in which royalty is still highly respected. There are many historic sites in the UK and architecture abounds. The Unite Kingdom is also well known for its busy shopping high streets and the double decker bus. London and Edinburgh are two cities that attract the most visitors. There are national museums and galleries with a lot of history behind them.



Spain is sunny and that is why many holiday makers love to go there during the summer holidays. Its pristine beaches are most often full to capacity during the holiday period. Apart from beaches, there are many other tourist attractions that keep visitors to the country busy for most of their stay. Such attractions include; Plaza de Espana, Sagrad familial, Mosque de Cordobra, Seville cathedral and a host of others. Each year, Spain receives an average of 56 million visitors each year.


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