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Every year, millions of people travel to different places around the world in an effort to add to their experience and possibly meet new friends. This year, as the holiday seasons draws near, many more will be looking for the hottest destination to spend their holiday. While there are many interesting around the world all with world class facilities and top accommodation, some have managed to become a favourite fo frequent travelers. It doesn’t matter how you ask the question. Whether you are looking for the most interesting cities, the most beautiful cities or the most visited cities, some cities always seem to feature on the list. Find below some top five of such cities that are popular among travelers.



This is the city of royalty, double deck buses and particularly polite people. Do not forget to add the many high street shopping opportunities and exclusive restaurants to make this city the most interesting among travelers. There is so much to see and do in London. You can visit Buckingham Palace and even if you can’t enter into the courtyard itself, you can spend time strolling in the huge garden that is just immediately outside the gates. Don’t be surprised to see many tourists like yourself and even Londoners there too.



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Paris is the center of fashion and top models. Even the people you see on the street are so fashion cautious. This city has been on the top of the most visited city for so long and it is still doing its best to stay at the top. If you are not shopping at the many fashion shops in the city, you can make a stop at the Eiffel tower and other touristic attractions in around the city. Paris is so interesting you will be planning your next trip there even before you leave.



When you are in Dubai, apart from the very high temperatures, you may forget you are in a desert city. There are so many high rise buildings in the city. Whether you like to shop on a budget or high end, you are sure to find it in Dubai. Dubai si exotic and its accommodation even those that are relatively cheap are of very good standards. Don’t forget to visit the Deira Market and Dragon Mall to get a taste of what shopping in Dubai can be like.


Bangkok, Thailand

Thailand’s capital is a very dynamic city known for the very rich shopping experience that visitors can enjoy there. With some of the largest malls in the world, this city is good for those who love to shop till they drop dead. Nonetheless, there are interesting site attractions and fine dining to keep you busy.



This city has been drawing many visitors every year and the number only seems to be increasing. While many people will come to the city for business; there are a lot of holiday opportunities in the city. Istanbul has a lot of affordable accommodation and lots of site attractions to visit.


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