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Have you heard of a place called Milwaukee? The name sounds exotic right? If you are not aware of what of what happens in this place, we have made it open for you to know. Maybe, you have not come to see the Biblical Noah’s Ark too, we have made a list of these places for you.



When it comes to arts no other city competes with Milwaukee having hosted national acts at Bradley Center and the Marcus Center for the Performing Arts to showcasing local and regional talent in venues like Riverside, even the world renowned art collections at Milwaukee Art Museum, Milwaukee’s arts and Marquette’s Haggerty Museum. The city is greatly endowed with lots of  entertainments like   rap, Opera, rock and rockabilly, has the biggest music festivals in the world with good venues like Cathedral Park and Jazz Estate for jazz;  for polka and  fish fry we use the riverfront and Lakefront Brewery ,for rock we have Rave and Shank Hall. Renaissance bookshop is there to keep you busy and the restaurants, museums and symphony are not at all far from each other.

Noah’s Ark

Noah's Ark

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Founded in 1923 from what was a remnant of the Ottoman Empire and become a member of NATO in 1952. There are lots of tourist locations in the country , from the great dome and minaret that makes the skyline of Istanbul to the Roman ruins that are seen along the Southern and Western coasts , there is the indendated coastline that is seen against the mountainous backdrop of Lycia and sunny beautiful beaches that are in Pamphylia. 



The beauty of this part of the world would keep you longer than you have ever thought possible. You have green environment that has a lot of trees like groves, olive and vineyards to name a few of the fruits you need here. It does not mean that you would be locked out of civilization when you are in this city. You would be able to make use of state of the art facilities that would help you with a taste of modern life. You are not missing out here as there are facilities for internet connectivity for you to get to your loved ones in the city you came from.There are lots of routes you can make use of when you are coming by air in this part of the world. The Pisa and Florence airports can help you enter the city.



No matter what you may be looking for in a city, Vienna got you all covered. There are a lot of things that have made Vienna stand out from the crowd, like the presence of great artists, composers, thinkers or inventors. This has been the home to Strauss, Klimt, Freud, Mozart. The capital of Austria has become a haven for culture and it is indeed a must visit when it comes to classical concert. You may spend a lot of time in this city and still not cover all the places of interest, concert halls and museums.  There are so many things that this city have to offer all through the year, not forgetting the Christmas markets.


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