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What is a formula of  perfect holidays? Good weather, delicious food, friendly environment and of course lots of excitement. There are so many opportunities and destinations for that. What is important to keep in mind is that exciting does not necessary means extreme. Even family holidays can be exciting if the destination is chosen wisely. What is more not every traveler is mentally and physically capable to explore danger. Comfort or at least it’s minimum is an essential of human’s well being. Lets have a look at five exciting holiday destinations that certainly won’t disappoint you:




Turkey is a great summer holiday destination. There are several reasons that make the statement true. First of all Turkey is world famous for it’s good service. Maybe it is part of the culture, maybe it is a consequent of well developed tourist industry but visitors get a first class treatment here. Besides that it offers a wide range of low budget opportunities. Of course it won’t be a problem to find a luxury hotel here but it will also be possible to stay in a small suite hotel and enjoy soft Turkish sun and pleasurably clean sea.


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Russia is an exciting tourist destination not just because of all the rumours around Russians and vodka. First of all it is not dangerous. Most of the country’s population is way less crazy than videos you can find on Youtube. Most of young people do speak English and in a any case there will be a person to help, however planning a trip in advance is definitely a good idea. At least because there is a huge list of museums and cultural sights to see. What about visiting Bolshoi Theatre or Moscow Kremlin?



 Japan Bus Stop

Japan is a country of development and technology but also a country of a unique customs and culture. At least one big point of excitement here is food. Of course we have all tried sushi back home. However Japanese kitchen is not just sushi and maki, there are hundreds and thousand of delicious dishes to explore here. Very often tourist advertisements say that visiting Japan is having a trip to the future and this statement is real. How often do we see in our TVs an invention of a new robot in Japan? Isn’t it exciting to experience it in real time?


Santorini, Greece

 Santorini, Greece

If Paris is the most romantic city , Santorini is the most romantic island. This island is famous for it’s beautiful landscapes and numerous white houses with blue roofs.  The legend says that Santorini is a part of a drowned Atlantis. This statement was never scientifically proved however the atmosphere of the island makes you feel the gone great past.


The Dead Sea


The Dead Sea might not sound very appealing but it is one of the most exciting destination to travel to. In fact it is quite challenging to become dead here, the see is so salty that you can just use water as a pillow. The water is not just salt for being salt but contents a huge amount of minerals that can cure many skin diseases. Besides that visiting the Dead Sea is a great way to refill your Vitamin D storage. 330 days a year the sun shines here. 

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