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There are cities in this world that will kill you with it’s boredom. Cities with no events and charisma. Cities, on the streets of which you won’t meet any more than 3 people. Cities where TV and Internet are the only way of entertainment. Cities, which go to bed at eight and wake up at six. Cities with no parties, loudness or overpopulation. Most of the time those are the ones with the best life quality and security. The worst and the best cities at once. Here is a list of five boring cities to avoid:


Zurich, Switzerland


Even though Zurich is often leading the list of highest life quality in Europe, think twice before choosing it as a top living destination.  Predictable is the best word to describe it. Predictable weather, predictable people, predictable environment. Those factors very often lead to the unpredictable lack of fun, laugh and adventures. It is the fact that Zurich’s life and look is often described as sterile.


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Bratislava ,Slovakia


Probably Bratislava wouldn’t seem to be that boring if the city didn’t have such an amazing neighbours as Vienna and Budapest. First of all it is way to small comparing with other European capital. The population of the country is just about 500,000. Besides all that  the cultural life is quite limited here. The historic centre is quite small due to the small area of this biggest city in a country. As you might guess nightlife here is also not the brightest. However nice neighbourhood and cheap prices still make Bratislava attractive for life.



Wellington, New Zealand


Wellington is the capital of New Zealand and this capital is quite small-just 400,000 inhabitants. The city is well known for strong winds and is considered the windiest city in the country. Wellington will offer you security and stunning landscapes however it has nothing to offer for vibrant life lovers. Even though it could be considered as a boring city, Wellington turn out to be one of the best cities furniture lovers.


Oslo, Norway


Oslo had always been taking leading position in a list of best cities to live in. Indeed it is clean, secure , calm and family friendly. Besides that it is a popular tourist destination and many travellers find it fascinating to visit Oslo. So where is the boredom of this city? Actually life here is not as appealing as at seems to big. Comparing to other European capitals, the city is quite small and local lifestyle can be well described by a word passive. Oslo is an expensive city and going out or even to the cinema way to often can considerably hit your pocket. Add constant lack of sunshine and the answer for the question above becomes clear. However, Oslo could be a perfect city to live in for cyclists and hikers. 


North Las Vegas, US

 Las Vegas

Don’t be tricked by Las Vegas, rather consider North when looking at the city’s name. North Las Vegas life is right opposite to Las Vegas life. Most of city’s population is far away from the party age:only around 10% pf population is between the ages 18-34. Besides that locals are big fans of the fast food so finding a good restaurant can be tricky.



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