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Many people, both experienced and newbie travelers, have long dreamt about embarking on a Eurotrip, using their hard earned cash to make this trip of a lifetime into a reality. Since the global economic crisis, the European Tourism Commission has indicated an upward trend from both overseas and intraregional markets, despite the fact that flights to Europe are still considerably pricey. Although the great thing about Europe is that once you get there, you can conveniently travel to various countries without draining your savings.

Obviously flying is the quickest way to get to all the destinations on your itinerary, but it will also quickly eat away at your budget, even if you choose to fly with the cheap carriers. Several budget airlines have a history of failure in disclosing fees, but the hidden costs are not the only issue with flight fares. Plenty of airlines are explicit with their extra costs; however, you still need to think about the airport you arrive at, as it will also factor in the price of your ticket. For example, the city of London is home to many crowded passenger hubs, including Heathrow which is the third busiest in the world according to Parking4Less, thus budget travelers are more likely to fly into smaller regional airports to slash a little more off their airfare.

But why fly when there are alternative, more affordable means of travel? Despite travel time being much longer, you'll definitely see much more of Europe using any of the below transportation options than you would on a plane.


Europe has an extensive network of railways, so take advantage if you're traveling across the continent. The fares are quite cheap for trips over short distances, but costs can still pile up if you don't end up getting a Eurail pass. Tourists have managed to save hundreds of dollars using the passes during those long distance travels.
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Those visiting the UK will be happy to know that they have budget friendly transport options, with some tickets costing under two dollars, compared to tickets issued by national bus systems that can set you back a minimum of 15 dollars per trip. Ensure these discounted rates by booking the tickets at least a month ahead of your travel date. If you prefer the train over the bus, Megabus operates a few trains and can get you to certain places for just 10 dollars. If your itinerary also includes Paris, Amsterdam, or Brussels, the company also has routes from London starting at 10 dollars. 
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Riding the bus over long distances isn't the best option if you're only staying in Europe for a week or two, so only purchase a Eurolines pass if you’re planning on spending at least a month there. Bus fares on Eurolines are much cheaper than train passes and take you to the same destinations all across Europe. The issue though with Eurolines is that you'll be sacrificing comfort in order to comply with your budget. You might want to switch up your modes of transportation when going between countries to give yourself a break from squeezing yourself on a packed bus.
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