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Unfortunately not every county in our world is age friendly. Most of the countries don't provide suitable environment for elderly needs. The issue is just as important as children one. General trend is that  developed countries are much more elderly friendly due to the high amount of over 65 age group citizens. It is necessary to create a community in which elderly can feel equal with other members. Besides all that old generation have very limited concerning travel destinations. Could be that one was dreaming about exploring the world after pension through all his life. And what then, when you have a chance to do so? What does the world have to offer? Lets have a look at five elderly friendly destinations:




Ireland is the country that will not make elders worried about their savings. For example after the age of 65 pensioners are free from tax duty. What’s more is special bonus program that elderly are also offered to. In this country one can enjoy both, city and village lifestyle. Just  2 hours  away from Dublin you can find Irish stunning nature.


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Austria is the country that offers one the highest life quality for any age. The country has a soft climate, high level of security and beautiful landscapes. Besides that government offers well developed social insurance system. Medicine is on a very advanced level here and elderly can always get free access to it. Most of the cities are quite small compared to other European ones and it certainly creates a good environment for elders.




Italians are world famous for their way of living and enjoying life. Just think of it’s oft climate, charming  cities and delicious food. What’s more is the culture of communication and taking time for yourself. Italy offers one of the best vine and coffee in the world. One can complain that lasts are not good for the heath. However Italians are one of healthiest nations in the world. For example they have the lowest index of stomach cancer. One of few disadvantages Italy has is high level of corruption.




Surprisingly Panama also made it to a list of elderly friendly destinations. There are few reasons that make it age suitable. For example an ability to receive vitamin D all over the year from the sun that shines here almost every day. Besides that Panama is one of the saftiest place in central America with unusually low taxes. And of course beautiful tropical forests complete the list of Panama’s advantages.




Australia is another country with high quality of life. The best thing about living here is an ability to enjoy various facilities for surprisingly fair price. For example one can enjoy living in a modern developed city such as Sydney and Melbourne or enjoy advanced village and farm lifestyle with no harm to budget. Australia provide elders with one of the best health and care systems in the world, however pension income is relatively low here. Another disadvantage that people often mention is a location that is not easy accessible from another continents. 




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