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In the world today, travelling has become so important that there are people who can’t imagine staying in one place for more than two months. There is always one reason or another why a people need to travel. Some are excited to visit and discover new places while others travel for business or for school. Whatever the reason for travel, not being able to get a visa to travel to a location can be very frustrating. Entry into some countries is seems like a nightmare. For some countries, irrespective of why you want to enter into a country, you will have to go through a rigourous and strict process. Some of the top countries where getting a visa isn’t that straight forward are listed below.

North Korea

North Korea

Getting a visa to North Korea is not an easy process for most people. The process is very strict and rigorous. Those who even manage to get a visa may find they get escorted all around by guides throughout their time there. People from South Korea are not allowed to enter the North and if you are a journalist, don’t bother even asking for a visa. Other nationalities that may find it hard to get a visa into this country included people from the United States and the United Kingdom.



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The Russians are very bureaucratic and will look at every little thing on the application form. If you are not careful while filling the forms you may get it sent back as many times as there are mistakes. Visitors will need an invitation from a resident or possibly the hotel. If you are unfortunate to lose your visa while in Russia, you may find that going out of the country may be more difficult than coming in.

Democratic Republic Of Congo


Even though the war in this country is over, visa processing is not very straight forward. There are a lot of bureaucratic bottle necks involved in the processing of visa. You need to show your yellow fever vaccination card before entering the country. Also depending on your reason for visit, you may need an invitation. Short term visas are no longer available to citizens of countries like the United Kingdom



Ever since Angola became an oil nation, it has tightened its visa process probably to keep out job seekers who are coming in through the guise of visitors. The process of getting a visa is quite long and there are consular fees to pay. Visitors also require an invitation to come into the country. You also have to show prove of financial capability of $100 per day.



Getting into Iran can be difficult especially with the obscured process. First of all, for you to get a visa, you need someone within the country to follow-up the process. Once the application is already at the Ministry responsible for visa processing, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, you may be left in the dark for long periods without any feedback. You can still get your visa but it may have to spend time in some cases.

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