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this is an email i have sent to a tour opperator regarding their holiday i went on and just got back from it says it all
Dear Sir/madam
     today the 22/09/09 I have just arrived back from 2 weeks to your resort in the canairira islands masspalomas green oasis
first off may I just say that the apartments we stayed in were very clean and tidy the work force are very friendly and helpful and the whole complex was clean and tidy through out
however we have a few issues that need addressing
you state that their is no rep or meeting at the complex this is correct BUT we did expect a rep to accompany us to the resort this was not the case and we noticed that ALL the other travel firms have boarding showing and explaining the various trips etc going on throughout the island except yours.this left us completely in limbo as to what was happening as all the details were in different languages even the Thomas cook boarding was in German.
secondly the majority of the English people on holiday felt like second class citizens as all the amusements were geared up for the Spanish and German holiday people
the food well what can I say except it was diabolical for an apartment complex with all inclusive the choice of ONE main meal or salad or ONE fish dish is totally unacceptable.
the food was undercooked especially the chicken dishes or in the extreme with regards to the chips which could not be eaten with a fork but with a bolster and chisel.the so called sausages were in fact frankfurters all the time the burgers were anemic and you can only have enough salad with out turning into bugs bunny.this FORCED us to eat out around and about to ensure we did not starve.things have got so bad that this is the first holiday I have been on that I lost weight as a result.the few times that the food was just acceptable was when the weekend came and the Spanish on cheep weekend deals were staying in the complex again all geared up for the Spanish not the English. their country origin dish of paella was available both weekends but never and English dish for the week ends so instead of a roast dinner for one day we had to suffer so called fish fingers or half cooked chicken nuggets
this was my first time as an all inclusive tourists but I have to  say  will be my last as when I go on holiday I do not expect to loose weight as a result from not being able to eat due to lack of choice and very badly prepared food or to have to pay extra out of the resort in order to eat
this holiday cost me in excess of over ?1400 and I would have expected to pay around ?400 for the holiday in total due to the total despair choice and food available
from a very disgusted and upset punter
Gary Douglass

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Hey Gary,
I really feel sorry for what happened to you.
I would like my vacation to end up like this, especially when you paid so much.
What is the name of this agency, so I know not to choose them in my next travel.
With those agencies who need enemies...

Anyway why don't you try to talk to them and see if you can have some of your money back, or at least a huge discount when you book your next vacation?
If I were you I would sue them anyway for this misbehavior

Cheers and hope your next vacation will be much better man !

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its cosmos holidays and thompson travel watch out for them and hope your holiday is so much better than mine
have sent them the email and will send to othe agency as well so both barrels

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too long, didn't read.
but seriously, its harsh to judge all holidays by one experience. i stayed in a similar type holiday in majorca and the restaurent was reasonable if not fantastic, but perfectable acceptable. and the entertainment was outstanding considering that they had to do everything in about 7 languages.

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