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It is time to let go of London and New York when it comes to the world’s fastest growing cities for multi-millionaires, and start looking at cities like Ho Chi Minh city and Houston.  You must be wondering who had come up with this new claim; the New World Wealth has been comparing cities over the past decade, and found out that Jakarta, Mumbai,Houston and Ho Chi Mihn City,to be among the most monied in the world.

Ho Chi Minh City

It has been over ten years that this has been discovered that Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, has seen 400 per cent growth as far as multi-millionaires calling the city home. This is amazing when you think of the place that this city comes from. Where is China in this claim? China is already the city to 26,600 multi-millionaires, with Germany coming closely with  25,400 and the United States  is the king with 183,500 multi rich men and women.


However, when it comes to cities, Hong Kong has 15,400 multi-millionaires calling it home.New York City follows with 14,300 multi-millionaires and London and Moscow are not far behind,7,600 multi-millionaire resident,  Los Angeles - 7,400 multi-millionaire residents,. Singapore - 6,600 multi-millionaire residents, Chicago - 6,000 multi-millionaire residents,  San Francisco - 6,000 multi-millionaire residents, Zurich - 5,600 multi-millionaire residents while Mexico City - 5,600 multi-millionaire residents. This has shown how the wealth is been distributed around the world.

New York

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 Along came Houston, Texas, that takes the title of being the most noteworthy American city on the list. Houston has eventually seen an increase of 1,420 multi-millionaires in the last 10 years, while Seattle is up 330. San Jose, California, Dallas, Texas, and San Francisco, California, have all likewise seen a jump in multi-millionaires of 50 per cent or more over the past decade.

When you are in Fuzhou that is in China, you would see that it has one of the most impressive 450% multi-millionaire growth rate.  Jakarta, Indonesia is one of the cities that had performed better too while in India, the cities of Pune, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Delhi and Chennai all saw spikes of 200 per cent or higher. It was China that saw the greatest increase overall when it came to the amount of multi-millionaires calling its cities home.


What this means is that Ho Chi Minh City and Houston would be seeing more of investors, better lifestyle and also expensive culture because of the number of millionaires in these cities. A lot of things can be done in any of these cities and one thing that would not be neglected in these cities is tourism. Tourism has leaped so much that a lot of visitors are seen coming to these cities.

The good thing is that things are not expensive as it may be expected. There are still numerous luxury but affordable accommodation packages, tourists’ sites, cheap transportation and healthy living in these cities. However, these cities have become some of the must visit for those who would want to have a great vacation anytime and anywhere in these rich and exciting cities.


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