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This rental is for the week of June 29th-July 6th. It is located on the beach in Cabo San Lucas. Online it is listed at $160 a night. It sleeps a maxium of six people and four private. It is a one bedroom, 1 bath with a partical kitchen. It has two double beds, and 1 queen sleep sofa. It is air-conditioned, and has a Tv with satellite dish. Pueblo Bonito Resort Los Cabos is overlooking the Sea of Cortes on the exclusive El Medano beach. Los Cabos is famous for sportfishing, extraordinary golf courses and its beaches. The town of Cabo San Lucas is just mintues away from many shopping areas. In Los Cabos, you may find outdoor activites like snorkeling, boating, and ATV rides. When dining, enjoy Las Palmas for casual dinner and Cilatro's, an oceanfront speciality restaurant.

We are not able to go due to unseen events. It is a wonderful resort, and we are sad we are not able to attened.

Please contact me if you are intrested. We do not accept mail orders or cashier checks. Thank you!

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