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Have you ever been to a tourist site in the world that has so much to give you? There are tourist sites in the world that would give you comfort and luxury with different offers. We have listed some of these places for you.

German Cologne town bells

German Cologne town bells

The Germany has its own church bells and its deep ringing and festive tuning. Germany is here with its beautiful twinkling town bells. The bells provide all the basic factors for the blooming sound which is both conventional as well as distinct. The old church bells give the German people hope and courage at heart. The soothing ambience sets the sound of the bell on soothe and power. The Cologne bells proclaim important events, like birthday, death and other prominent things.


Kolkata, India

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Well, east India is dominated by Kolkata and its food.  No other destination can serve so many sweets than Kolkata. If, you have a sweet tooth and desire to fulfill all the teeth with all types of yummy and delicious sweets and desserts, then nothing can beat you than Kolkata. This is the reason; the Bengali language is the sweetest in the whole of India. The famous shops are the sweet shops which can found in every alternative street and road. The popular sweets are Misti Doi or sweet curd, Shondesh or sweetened cottage cheese and pitha made of rice flour.

Port of South Louisiana, USA

Port of South Louisiana

This port that is located on the Mississippi River is said to be the largest bulk cargo port in the world. Most of the grain exports from the country as well as those coming in go through this port. The port’s main channel depth is about 45 feet and the port occupies a surface area of 54 miles. This port has also grown in importance thanks to the fact that it is well connected by good road and railway infrastructure to other parts of the country.


Curitiba Bus Stop

Curitiba Bus Stop

The Curitiba Bus Stop is well known for its renowned in the whole of Brazil. These clean and beautiful bus stops are glossy and grandeur. These bus systems provide multitalented form of public transportations with the variety of access. The Curitiba Bus Stop is very beautiful both technically and practically. The Curitiba Bus Stop epitomizes the standard class of a bus stop.  This is the low cost transit system in the whole of Brazil. The Curitiba bus stop provides one of the best subway systems and bus routes.



Danube is well known for its amazing location and widespread grave vines. The Danube in Austria stretches across the Monastery of Melk to the city limits of Vienna. The winegrowing area spreads across the Wachau, Kamptal, Kremstal and Traisental. The Danube wine also extends upto Wagram; it strung like pearls like the Danube River. The tourists are definitely going to enjoy the wines prepared from this place. Precisely, this place to offer always something or the other to the tourists and especially, to the people who have some class and taste in wines.


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