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Are you in love and want to take a trip with your partner? If the answer is yes then we are on the same page. We have some of the finest places for your honeymoon and wedding sites including romantic places for you to make use of.


The first place is taken by the Tucson; this place is located in the southern region of Arizona. Tucson offers the southern landscape of the unique setting. This place is given complete understanding by the help of warmth and classiness. The Tucson is a bright place for a beautiful wedding being organized. The best time for the wedding is the months of June and July. The summer months are very friendly for the couples to say ‘I Do’. Overall, Tucson is warm round the year; but the temperatures usually increase in the months of June and July. A gorgeous sunshine and underneath a couple is getting hitched.



Greece is known for its tradition, sophistication and aristocracy. A newlywed couple who is more into the adventuring around is best known for choosing Greece for their honeymooning. Greece is a cool place for going honeymooning. The antique paintings and sculptures are cool and classy. The nightlife is Plaka district is very cozy and sultry. The couples can always relax and enjoy their time out in the beautiful beaches. The tickets have to be booked through online website.

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The Lau, Archipelago, Fiji

The Lau, Archipelago, Fiji

If you thought watching the sun go down was a beautiful sight to behold, try watching the sun rise above the Lau archipelago in Fiji. The Lau archipelago is an island of 50 atolls just off the coat of Fiji. It may not be easily accessible but people still make it there. Those who do make the journey are perfectly rewarded with beauty that is hard to describe. The simple fact that you can live a day without buzzing telephones and noisy televisions is simply beautiful.


Robles Point

Robles Point

This island has gained its report as a very popular one; the seclusion is no doubt outstanding. The Ambergris Caye beach is just not the name.  This beach is only accessible by boat and works wonders for people who want to enjoy the waters with the outskirts of the beach. The secluded beach has its own uniqueness; the coral reef meets the land out here. The virtuosity of this beach is very authentic and is completely crowd free. A handful of people goes and enjoy the place along with the beautiful sea and its aquamarine style of beauty.

Palawan, Philippines

Palawan, Philippines

Come to Palawan and have a blissful getaway in one of the most beautiful islands on planet earth, It is located in a province in the Philippines. Once it was asked ‘ Can any good tourist destination come out of Philippines?’ Palawan is one of those places that have proven that Philippine has become an important tourist destination. This beautiful island stretches from Mindoro which is in the northeast to Borneo in the southwest, just between the Sulu Sea and South China Sea.


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