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Bridges can be attractive places to visit in countries that have great architectural bridge structures. The five most beautiful bridges include the connecting capabilities of two diverse places. There are various bridges in our planet earth; bridge is the oldest medium to make sure connection is assured. The bridges are constructed on the way of creating the most memorable ones ever. The bridges are as follow:-

London has to offer Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge of London is a very recognizable landmark which has given the best showcase ever. Tower Bridge has earned millions of postcards and t-shirts, bags and other accessories.  No visit to the London Bridge or in precise words Tower Bridge is complete without the perfect photo required. The Tower Bridge overlooks the Thames River. Tourists from all over the world always take worth a snap in front of this bridge. The London’s rich Victorian history is worth a flash through this Bridge.

China has to offer Chengyang Bridge

Chengyang Bridge

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The Chengyang Bridge of China is present in Sangijang County and the bridge is very much of architectural brilliance. This bridge is built by the dong people of the China. The whole architecture was made of wood and stone. This traditional Chengyang Bridge is a very beautiful one and creates a complete package for the viewers and tourists. The Chengyang Bridge was constructed and opened in 1912. The bridge is covered and the length is 64m.  The location of this bridge is Sangijang Dong autonomous County.

France has to offer Pont du Gard, of Gard River

Pont du Gard

The Pont du Gard of Gard River in France offers the ancient form of beauty and grace. The Pont du Gard Bridge started its life around 2000 years ago in the Roman city of Nemausus. The Pont du Gard is able to descend 56 feet over 30 miles. This bridge is around 30 miles length and it is able to provide 50 gallons of water every day to the city.

Italy has to offer Rialto Bridge

Rialto Bridge

The Rialto Bridge is a very well known bridge of Italy. The Rialto Bridge of Italy is a very popular one in Venice and is the leading light of various pictures, films and songs. Venice is the romantic city on the earth and provides the place for romanticisms along with long arches in the bridges. The Rialto Bridge spans along the Grand Canyon in Venice, Italy. It is the oldest bridge in the across the canal.

Italy has to offer Ponte Vecchio

Ponte Vecchio

This bridge is very old; around the time of medieval period. Italy has to offer Ponte Vecchio and it spans over the whole of Arno River and its one of the stunning landmarks in Florence. There are many small shops in this bridge which offers various types of beautiful jewelries. The tourists also receive many luxury items and leather products. The best part lies with the unusual stacking of the shops one above the other. The charm and appeal lies in the haphazard way of settling of the shops.

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