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There are so many places on earth while we can find the most places, when you look at them, we would accept that indeed, these places are beautiful. However, when they come from a camera’s view, it makes all the difference.  In some panoramic pictures have been seen some of the most stunning places on earth and we must tell you that they are breathtaking and jaw dropping. In these beautiful aerial snaps has these pictures been taken.  If you are thinking of an inspiration that you would make use of for your bucket list, we believe that these pictures would make you look no further.


You must have been to Dubai and have seen a lot of these high rise skyscrapers but when it comes from the lens of a camera, the effect is different. You may end up not remembering where you must see such place in your life because of the way that the pictures were taken in panoramic.  A photographer group called AirPano had travelled around the world to take places the '100 Best Places on the Planet' . They ended up taking beautiful pictures of some of the aerial shots that he got from over 230 destinations.  Maybe, your village is even among these great places.


You would love the way that the mountain range of Everest was taken by this group that consisted of 12 people; nine photographers and three tech specialists. These people had used so many things to capture any special viewpoint from the drones to helicopters. They were able to take pictures from the highest skyscrapers, tallest mountains and stunning bays around the world.

What is it that you want to see in another different view? Is it the Australian Great Barrier Reef that is taken from the top or you trying to see Dubai appear like a toy town right from the air? These men did not spare creativity or danger when they even took pictures of erupting volcanoes and they did not stop at that. Even the Pyramids of Egypt was taken in such a view that you cannot believe that is possible. Countries were combed and great places were seen.

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Sergey Semenov was the Project coordinator who said that the project was like looking at a traditional picture limited by their frame. They had used a spherical and a 360 degree panorama that has given them the freedom being at the different locations, where they can easily turn their heads around and take in a view of any location before the pictures are taken. This 360 degree panorama technology is what has made it possible for the creation of a full illusion of a personal presence on the spot when they look at these pictures on a large screen.

This is what has changed the way that people can see these places. It does not mean that there are no finer places than these places but these places where were the team visited to take a great view of these stunning place.



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