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It is a difficult task to try to choose the most beautiful place in the world when the world is full of so many beautiful places. In fact, every place in the world is beautiful in its own right and sometimes the judgment of whether a place is beautiful or not will be based on the prejudices of the person making the judgment. People will travel to beaches because they thing it is a beautiful place. Others will travel to slump area because they think it is a beautiful place to see people leaving as basic as can be possible in present times. However keeping in mind the fact that the world is a beautiful place, therefore everywhere in it should be beautiful, we would just like to highlight some places that simply you’re your breath away.

The Lau, Archipelago, Fiji

Lau Fiji

If you thought watching the sun go down was a beautiful sight to behold, try watching the sun rise above the Lau archipelago in Fiji. The Lau archipelago is an island of 50 atolls just off the coat of Fiji. It may not be easily accessible but people still make it there. Those who do make the journey are perfectly rewarded with beauty that is hard to describe. The simple fact that you can live a day without buzzing telephones and noisy televisions is simply beautiful.

Fjordland National Park

Fjordland National Park

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When most people hear of Fjords, the first country that comes to mind is Norway. However, in the largest National Park of New Zealand, there are fifteen fjords. One of this fjord simply stands out from the others. The beautiful landscape of mountains and sloping hills and the vast expanse of land is what make this fjord one of the beauties of the world.

Petra, Syria

Petra, Syria

Petra was the ancient capital of the Nabateans whose existence was masked by the discovery of trading routes in the sea. The city became completely lost and forgotten after the Arab invasion of the 7th century. It was only discovered in the 1800s by a Swiss adventurer. The site which is today known as the Pink city as it is popularly called thanks to the rose coloured sands that were used to build the many palaces and tombs has been in existence since about 1200 B.C. For a wonderful view of Petra, wait till dusks and watch from afar the flickering candle lights that are used to light up the place.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Your idea of Rio de Janeiro may be that of a bustling metropolis very many people. However, this city is one of the most beautiful in the world. If you can take an aerial view of the city from the Statue of Christ, you will be better able to appreciate how beautiful this city is.

Okavango,Delta Burundi

Okavango,Delta Burundi

The Okavango delta is a tributary of River Zambezi that has created a unique desert ecosystem. It is presently considered to be the largest oasis in the world. It has very unique flora and fauna. Bird watchers will be amazed at the variety of birds that can be found here.



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