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Vacations or even a getaway may not be complete without  a hotel or motel stay. Some hotels are notoriously expensive in terms of their rooms and activities. The five expensive hotel rooms which give the beauty to the hotels are as follow:-

Geneva has to offer the Penthouse Suite

Penthouse Suite

The Penthouse Suite in Geneva is a popular expensive hotel room. This hotel room has royalty indeed. This royal Penthouse is alluring, pleasing and no doubt exclusively out of the box. The Royal Penthouse provides complete security. This suite is highly protected and is aesthetically beautiful. The windows and doors having glasses are bulletproof and are of high quality. The bedrooms of this Penthouse suite are directly connected to the elevators. The suite is completed with a private room, an entertainment room along with a grand piano for the exclusive usage of the guest. The one night stand costs around $83000.

Athens has to offer Royal Villa

Royal Villa

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The Royal Villa of Athens gives the guest its aristocracy through the paramount technique. All over the Athens, the finest identified tourist place is Royal Villa. Athens is, all round the world, is always on the receiving end of the maximum traffic. The Royal Villa offers the amazing view of the Mediterranean Sea through its windows. The magnificent natural depiction of the surrounding is very imploring and innovating. The lavatory is marble made and the familiarity of the swimming room is very rejuvenating. The Individual night stay overheads around $45000.

Las Vegas Hugh Hefner Sky Villa

Hugh Hefner Sky Villa

The playboy magazine head has stroked the code of beauty and luxury through its Sky Villa. The Hugh Hefner Sky Villa of Las Vegas has exclusive food and catering facilities. The Villa is decorated with private services and personal requirements. The Villa has a rotating bed, interior heated pool, internal waterfall and a spa bath. The one night stay is $35000 and it provides the grandest stay ever. The villa also provides all amenities which are quite impressive for its guests.

Sardinia has to offer Presidential suite

Presidential suite

The Sardinia Presidential Suite has given way to the most luxurious suite in the whole of Cannes. The Cannes offer Presidential Suite with the well known facilities in the given room. The suite of Sardinia is covered with all the equipments and factors which are best for the guests. The heated pool, the gym and other perks including the wine cellar are well distributed. The one night stay costs around $33,000.

Grand Hyatt Presidential Suite of Cannes

Grand Hyatt Presidential Suite of Cannes

The suite of Grand Hyatt in Cannes is a well known Presidential suite with all the facilities available. The suite is in operation since the 1920s. The suite of the hotel room has provided pleasure to loads and loads of guests over the time. The Presidential suite has a rooftop garden which over shows the beautiful scenario of the passersby. The Jacuzzi, dining room and other perks are offered by this hotel room. The sauna and the Turkish shower are offered by this Presidential suite. The guests can take a breathtaking experience of the Cannes.

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