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Ever wondered what it feels like living in the lost expensive streets in the world? Well some people don’t have to wonder because they live it. This is part of their daily life. These streets that have it all from exotic beaches, upscale houses, high end shopping and some of the most beautiful interior designs also boast of some of the world’s high profile celebrities and socialites.

Our society loves wealth and people are ready to flaunt their expensive jewelry and cars to any who wants to see. If you are lucky to be allowed a stroll along one of such neighbourhoods, you will be appalled at how money seems to be everywhere even on the streets. At least you will be encouraged to work harder so you too can manage a place on such a street. How expensive living on these streets is measured by the cost of a square meter of surface area occupied. The top five richest streets in the world are discussed below.

Pollocks Park, the Peak, Hong Kong

Pollocks Park

This street has long been an abode for the rich. The fabulous street has panoramic views of Victoria Harbour and the city’s beautiful skyline. There have been a lot of new developments and the price of houses and apartments seems to be on the increase. In 2011, apartment No. 10 was sold for $103 million making it one of the most expensive apartments in the world.  Getting an apartment there is even becoming harder due to the lack of available land space.

Kensington Place Garden, London

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Kensington Place Garden

This is an exclusive neighbourhood where the crown prince of the United Kingdom and his wife. This street with beautiful gardens is also home to many of the embassies in the country. Some of the richest people in the world live on this street. A square meter of surface area on this street is

Avenue Princess Grace, Monaco

Avenue Princess Grace

This is the home to the popular Formula One Grand Prix and its own very popular boat show. It is home to the “who is who” in film industry, music industry and sports celebrities. Prices for apartments are constantly on the rise.

Boulevard de General de Gaulle Cap Ferrat, France

Boulevard de General de Gaulle Cap Ferrat

At $79, 00 per square meter, this location is probably the most expensive non urban location in the world. The area that was first well known as the abode of King Leopold II of Belgium is today lined with expensive villas and apartments overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. This area has been a great location for celebrities.

Paterson Hill, Singapore

Paterson Hill

If you are ready to cough out $42,500 for a square meter, then you can head off to Paterson Hill and get a spot in the limelight of the rich. This is the place for billionaires in the city. The area is close to high end shopping area that boasts of designer boutiques and fine dining and wining. The elegant condominium known as Marq is probably the most expensive with private pools for each apartment.


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