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Hello World !
Or like the Animaniacs say, Hello Nurse  

What have you eaten while traveling that you will never eat again in your life?
Or at least you hope you never will

I will start.....

A year ago I ate Monkey brain, I will never eat this  again!
I found it lacking of taste, a bit like eating a sponge, that was disgusting.

Another thing I won't eat again is bulls testicles. I have always been a person who thinks he should try everything once... They were huge, and since I totally knew what they were, I had a real big trouble eating them !  
They tasted as you would expect, squishy and salty... I eventually only managed to eat a quarter of the one testicle... On the other hand I have had fried penis too, but that wasn't such a problem. The way they had prepared it   just looked and tasted like an ordinary sausage

Last thing I won't eat is Sting Ray. It was in this greasy pool of garlic butter sauce with gigantic capers...it didn't settle so well. And it had TERRIBLE TASTE !

Cheers And
Bon Appetit !

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Hey Ian,
Have to admit, really nice question !
You are so creative ....

Anyway the worst food I had was guinea pigs (I won't eat that again) although it really didn't taste like chicken. I thought it tasted more like a hog-roast-style meat, quite game-y and not tasty at all !

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i tend to be very cautious over what i order when on holiday. and so far i've never eaten anything that bad

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I love eating exotic fare. I would probably have to try monkey brains if it was available just to say I tried it. I have eaten bad raw oysters before but that won't stop me from eating raw oysters. I just carry plenty of antacid and pepto bismol when I travel.

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