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Tell us some of your favourite tourist destinations that you visited or planning to visit. We have listed some of the favourite tourist destinations among travelers. Some of these places are always patronized daily by tourists from around the world. We believe that you can take out time and have an amazing moment in any of these destinations. It does not take time for you to fully adapt to these places and what it has to offer you.

Alleppey, India


The South India is dominated by the spices of Alleppey in Kerala.  The specialty of Alleppey is the spices and the presence of coconut in every type of food. The foods are whole some and most of its vegetarian. The avail, which is the coconut based on mixed vegetables along with Appam, a stew makes the first appearance in the plethora of choices. The banana chips and tapioca chips are very popular; the best goes with the fact that spices are added in every type of food in this destination. The food lovers, who want to taste the spicy yet wholesome foods, should choose Alleppey as their destination. This is one place in Asia that has become a home for chefs and food lovers. You can come here and make yourself happier and live life to its fullest.

Chengyang Bridge

Chengyang Bridge

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The Chengyang Bridge of China is present in Sangijang County and the bridge is very much of architectural brilliance. This bridge is built by the dong people of the China. The whole architecture was made of wood and stone. This traditional Chengyang Bridge is a very beautiful one and creates a complete package for the viewers and tourists. The Chengyang Bridge was constructed and opened in 1912. The bridge is covered and the length is 64m.  The location of this bridge is Sangijang Dong autonomous County.


Venice Church bells

Venice Church bells

The Church bells of Venice go through the methods of purity and sensuousness. The bells ringing on the mode of summer and spring gives the air of freshness. The freshness is found in the Venice church bells. The church bell acts as a timekeeper for all situations. It considers the various occasions, events and community gatherings. The bells add to the honorable occasion and procedures. The Venice church bells gives out melodious tunes and songs.

Port of Shanghai, China

Port of Shanghai

This port has always ranked behind the Port of Singapore but today, it is one of the busiest in the world. It is located in the economic capital of China which is Shanghai. There are probably more containers that go through this port than anywhere else. The port that is found on the Yangtze River is divided into three sections also called strategies. There is the Yangtze River Strategy, the Internationalisation Strategy and the North east China Strategy. Such division makes it easy for those working in the port and those using the port to find their way around. Most of the import and export that is done in the country comes through this port.


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