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It is not every tourist destination that makes a load noise, some of the best destinations may not be seen on the many pages of the tourists guide books and this does not mean that they do not exist. However, there are also a lot of  destinations that are only seen amazing on the pages of news print and not as lovely as they good on site. We have listed some destinations that are quiet yet command a lot of respect. These places may be seen in different parts of the world and a visit would convince you that you are really in one of the stunning places in world.




There is Persepolis which is the ceremonial capital of the Achaemenid kings, it was in the 1930s that this place was discovered. There are spectacular reliefs that have so many intricate stone carvings, and there is the Gate of All Nations that would really impress you with their magnificent appearance. If you are a female coming to Iran, there are things that are required of you. The first thing that you should know is that the legs and arms should be covered and also, headscarf should be used at all time. When you are here, you would love to come to Iran always. This is one tourist site in the country that has defiled nature and still attracts thousands of visitors to it yearly.

Carro Quebrado

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Carro Quebrado

Brazil is a developing country; but its presentation to the world is no less than any other developed country. This is best known from the indigo blue water and the faultless white sands. This is the Spanish word for the meaning ‘Broken down car’. The Carro Quebrado is popular for its vast stretch of the ocean and its snapshots. The well renowned red cliffs, tiny bar, and the ocean, is very experimental factors.

Gambia Wild Forest

Gambia lifestyle

Did we say Gambia? Yes! If you want to see the birds, you can spend time in Mandina Lodges, these are the floating homes that are seen along the river and have become a relaxing spot for tourists. There are baboons that are in the country that would give you a thrill and push your adrenaline. You can find the ‘World Without Walls’ which is an international recognized street art project that Makasutu runs.  There are so many beautiful art works that would give you a run for your imagination, the corrugated iron houses and breezeblock have been designed to give the Ballabu people a great appearance.

Sao Paulo, Brazil     

Sao Paulo


Sao Paulo offers guests a rich nightlife. There are more than 1500 bars in the city that are scattered all over the city. You have so many things to do when you are here. Little wonder that people who are coming here always have one thing behind their backs, to party and enjoy life to its fullest. The excitement in Brazil has never disappointed anyone which is why you can come here and have a blast.


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