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Who said that luxury is not bliss? If you are thinking of making use of a yacht, we mean a futuristic super yacht then you should be thinking of the Monaco 2050. Oh Yes! This is one luxury that makes a whole lot of sense. You can see that the designers did not spare anything in their creativity and money in making sure that when you see this yacht, you would love to make use of it.  It was built with a top deck that has made it possible for a plane to fly off straight from the ship. That is really amazing.

Monaco 2050

The jet that it features can easily make use of the vertical take- off and also the landing technology. This technology is now in use around the world. Who could have thought of something so beautiful and amazing as this? We should be thanking a Russian designer, Vasily Klyukin. He strongly  believed that the  who believes that the science to create his concept real is not far off. The truth is that this world is evolving constantly and there are new technologies that are replacing the old ones which give room to better services and designs from the technological world. We should be thankful to the advanced materials that have made it possible for designs to be chunk within some minutes.

The future is still close and Monaco 2050 is coming closer to be created.  Klyukin has promised that he was going to make this design come alive and then, he can fly by making use of such yacht. Of course, it is going to be a toy for the super rich. The design of the plane is going to feature three downward blades and jets for speed. What it implies is that the plane can easily move upwards before it can fly horizontally and there would be no need for a runway. This is what would blow the mind of everyone who is thinking along that line.

Monaco 2050 view

It is going to be a super fast toy and the design is what no one can be able to beat. Any you ready for this ship. A lot of celebrities’ including leaders of the world can make use of this ship in the nearby future in moving around the world with it.  If Klyukin can be able to make this possible,he can equally be smiling straight to the bank to eat the labour of his creativity. For tourism, this is going to be a huge boast because you can move around the world in a jiffy. No one would be able to hold you bounds neither are you going to worry much about distance. You can swim and fly to get to some of the places of interest on your list of travel. The price may not be in hundreds because it is going to cost millions or even billions for Monaco 2050 to come alive. We cannot wait to see this come alive in the nearby future.

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