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hi everyone, i am looking for a bit of advice as to whether i should quit my job and go travelling or not.
i am 25 year old male and have a good job as an engineer in telecoms. i am worried that i am too old to give this up and just go off round east asia, australia, and south america for a year or two. i went travelling for 5 months round australia when i was 18 and have had the bug ever since and said i would definitely do some more travelling for a longer period of time when i was a bit more mature. however after getting a job and a girlfriend etc. it kind of got knocked on the head. i have saved a lot of money and was going to put a deposit on a house and just thought arrgghh i'm not ready for this. i am now single, no children no commitments and just think if there’s any time to do it now would be it! i think if i didn't i may end up regretting it the rest of my life. i am just paranoid about coming back age 27 and not being able to find a job. i've read a lot on the forums about people going off travelling in their mid-twenties but they are all uni graduates with degrees to fall back on when they return. i don’t have a degree just 5 years engineering experience. it’s not exactly the broadest field like electrician say and jobs are hard to come by but i think i've invested enough time into it that i should try and stick to that field. my dad has a great job and has been very successful through hard work and determination and i respect him loads. he would support me always except to him the idea of quitting a good job to do no job is totally incomprehensible and i feel i would be letting him down. i think his generation though have pensions etc. and save to do these things when they retire whereas all that’s changing now. i reckon my generation will be working until they die ha. anyway thanks in advance to anyone who has took the time to read this post and can offer any thoughts on the matter.



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Hi Stan,

The answer is YES!!!

Definitely go! If you think about it, what are we working for, if not for accomplishing our dreams and challanges?

You are still gonna be very young after your trip, and I'm sure it's going to be easy for you to find a job, especially

if you have 5 years of experience. Apart you never know, maybe the same company will take you back,

or mayber in 2 years for now they'll fire you anyway, you can't predict the future. What you can do is

understand that money serves only as means to accomplish and fulfill our desires and challanges,

go with your heart and travel, if not you will regret it one day.

I did around the world trip from 25 to 26, all by myself, and it was awesome!

I don't regret I did it, and wasn't scared about not getting a job. I even plan one when I am 30 to 31 another year of beautiful

travelling catching up with countries I didn't have time to get to last trip...

You will get so much memories from this trip, that will help you to get through the hard times in life.

Hope you'll find my answer intriguing enough to go pack and get the first flight....

P.s maybe you will meet a millionaire girl and that will solve all your problems anyway...

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