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Wedding is the most beautiful portion of a human’s life. Every human being should get married for the sake of setting their life on a much higher panel. Every single should mingle; but marriage is not a small contract. It’s a big deal and the day of marriage is celebrated on a huger manner. Marriage has a much bigger factor in the life of every people. But, there are certain crazy rites which are followed in certain part of the world.

Scotland and its blackening rite


Scotland follows a very crazy method of blackening the bride. This method gives its way of putting curdled milk, dead fish, sauces, spoiled food, tar, sausages and many more. The bride is actually given the reality check for the sake of making her prepared before she reaches her goal of having a successful married life. Scotland is always into blackening and then tying the bride to the tree after making her drunk. The bride is then given the place of resistance and endurance after she covers this complete wedding rite. This is a process of preparing her to endure every type of pain and humiliation.

China is into the process of Preplanning


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The process of preplanning is especially popular in China. The fun side out is the appropriate word is used for the sake of preparing the bride for moaning prior one month. The moaning goes on completely on different levels. First, the girl prepares for moaning and crying from one month before her marriage. She cries everyone for one hour and after ten days she is joined by her mom and then after that her grand mom (in any case, if she isn’t deceased) and then, the line goes on. The surprising fact is that, at the end of the month, the girl is joined by every single woman in the house.

India comes third in terms of their conservative rites


Indian has always been termed a Patriarchic society; though India is a female. Indian girls, with the dosh of Manglik, (an astrological position of Mars and Saturn, where both the planets are on the 7th house) are given the procedure of marrying a tree. This is because, a manglik girl is considered cursed and her first husband will either get killed, deceased or divorced.

Korean rite goes with beating the groom’s feet

North Korea

Korean culture goes with the fact that the groom’s feet are beaten with a stick of dead fish on his marriage night; it’s a humor part rather than brutal and harsh beating. This rite is done to make sure the Koreans groom does not disappoint his bride on the marriage night.

Inner Mongolia of China follows Chick Liver rite


The Chick liver tradition showcases that Inner Mongolian bride and Groom, after their marriage, kills a small chick by holding the knife together. The liver is then taken and is seen whether it can be divined by its healthiness. If not, more chicks are forfeited unless the reasonable one is found.

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