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There is no better place to be like the  below listed places on our list during summer. We have listed just the perfect places for you.




Charleston is famous for its graceful architecture and history. Over the years, a hipster influx has made it become a great destination for those who food in mind. A visit to a town that has food and history with great architectural edifices would be endearing to those who love travelling.  There are a lot of things that would keep busy when you are in Charleston. King Street is seen running wildly through downtown. What do you do here? Your bearings are gotten here.  The upper King is fully focused on the dining and design, the middle King Street is designed to be of fashion oriented and the lower King Street is filled with historic houses and antique shops. This is where you would find the Nathaniel Russell House in Meeting Street.

The Silver Pearl

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The Silver Pearl is where a £1billion hotel construction has taken place. This is close to Lusail where a lot of football fans and stadiums would be located. Money is not spared which is the attraction of this place. It has underwater rooms and in the lobby, there is an interactive marine wildlife museum. Of course, the cost of staying here would not be cheap to stay which is not alarming, considering what the government has spent in ensuring that life is bliss here.



The Havasupai tribe is known to be the smallest India village in America and it has over 600 people who are living there.  The tourists who are coming here may love to spend time here and visit the great Havasu Falls. Millions of people travel to this village called Supai and witness the spectacular Grand Canyon every year. It is only every few people who are aware that this place exists.  If you would want to come to this mysterious tribe, you may have to forget about a car because that may not be possible. All you need is a mule or helicopter to get to this place.  Supai has general stores, café , school, post office, LDS chapel, a lodge and even a small church.

Mojave desert

Mojave Desert

This is one of the deserts that has been put into a better use and has become a place where a lot of people would ever want to visit when they need something exotic.  Coming to Mojave Desert can be a great trip that would make a huge difference in your life as a tourist. Also, it is an education tourist area that enlightens a tourist about the Native Americans and their civilization.  There is lots of information online that has made this place a special place to visit and learn about. The energy technological structures that are installed here cannot be underrated as it is the best to ever be designed.  And also there are historical attraction centers like Scotty’s Castle which is located in the northern part. This is a walk tour that will make you learn about the life in the ancient 1920s and also the 1930s




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