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Although classroom work is a good basis for a child's education, the opportunity to experience the world through educational travel can offer benefits that far outweigh any traditional educational methods and allow children the ability to apply a hands-on approach to learning.

1. Educational travel can take many forms, ranging from a day trip to a local destination of historical significance to a month-long trip to Europe. The length and distance is not as important as the educational benefits that such a trip will offer a child.
Time Frame
2. While many educational travel opportunities are offered through school, children can also benefit from educational trips during non-school times as well. Plan educational trips during holiday breaks, weekends or during summer recess, which will allow the child to mix the fun of travel with a learning experience.
3. Consider the child's current course of study and attempt to coordinate a trip with what she is learning in school. For example, if a middle school child is learning about the Civil War, consider a trip to Washington, D.C., to visit Ford's Theater, the Lincoln Memorial and the Smithsonian Museum.


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Travel experiences are not just about relaxing vacations anymore. While planning your vacations with your family members consider the educational benefits that can be gained along the way. Children have been known to advance whole grade levels in history and geography simply because the subjects become much more real to them after they experience it first hand.


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