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There have been a lot of futuristic technologies that have shown us a glimpse to the tourism. Imagine teleportation been possible by 2080 and then coming a little closer with 30 years after this year, flights can move through low orbital space and you can have tour fun underwater in a hotel.  Just what a lot of us are expecting from tourism sector and we hope that we are going to see all these come technologies come through.

Future tourism

We have seen some of these stuffs in movies and a lot of people believe in as few as 85 years from now, these stuffs would become very possible. From the biometric scanning to iPad-controlled hotel rooms, holidaymakers can expect a lot more than this

In 15 years, digital advancements will become amazing that planning and booking of a journey into a seamless and intuitive experience would be possible. Travel search and booking will be as easy as buying a book on Amazon and  instead of tapping away at your computer to book flights and accommodations, in the future, each of us may have an 'e-agent,' inside a watch or small piece of jeweler, that goes everywhere with us. It could have the face, voice and personality of our favourite actor or comedian and appear to use as a 3D hologram image, or inside a virtual environment, at our verbal command.

Future plane

Just imagine what life can become then.  We can forget about carrying our passports because the digital scanning technology will make check-in a seamless process Biometric face recognition software and machine-readable passports - incorporating a digital boarding pass - will mean that clearing customs will take less than a minute, and high-speed laser molecular scanners will security check hand luggage in seconds as you walk past them toward the departure lounge without even breaking your stride.

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Let us bring the future nearer, take for instance in 2017, at Incheon airport in Seoul, South Korea, departures will soon operate a biometric immigration system, using facial recognition and machine-readable passports, and at Singapore Changi Airport's T4. This is not going to be the end of the wonders of tourism.  The hotel room of tomorrow will take this technology a step further. We may be seeing hotel bedrooms to incorporate pillows with sleep-aiding massage technology and holographic wall systems that will project personal trainers or even friends and family in 3D.

future plane

Maybe, we can discard planes and make use of teleportation by 2080. This means that we may be waving good bye to long-haul flights to get where we need to be. The good thing about teleportation is that there is no fundamental law telling us that it cannot be done and with technical advances I would estimate teleportation that we see in the films will be with us by 2080.

This is what the sci-fic movies has made possible and given people a second thought of replicating in our world. Tourism would become better when these technologies arrive to make to tourism better and more fun

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