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You should not forget to save a lot of money if you are travelling to these destinations. The reason is because you are visiting some expensive travel destinations that would force you to spend more than necessary. We know that every trip is different but when it comes to visiting some of these destinations are most expensive, you may be surprised to know that there are small cities that are far more expensive to live than the major cities with big class and names.


Oslo, Norway


 Oslo is not as a big city but a small Scandinavian city that is exorbitantly expensive . We mean this city is the most expensive,.  Norway is a very rich oil country with per person GDP that is in the range of those who are living in Qatar.  We must tell you that if you are heading to the Scream by Edvard Munch in person  or you want to visit some famous arts and cultural hubs, you should better be prepared with your pocket filled with money.

Zurich, Switzerland

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A city that would never quit is Zurich.  There are so many things that you can do in this city, you can ski in the Alps, lounge on Lake Zurich, have an outdoor natural activities and relax in some four star hotels. The cost of doing this is not cheap and the prestige of the city is heavily felt in its culinary, hospitality, vacation packages and lots more.

Stockholm, Sweden


Stockholm comes with a stunning stone architecture, glimmering waterfront, museums that are of different shapes and sizes and parklands that are intimate.  It is one of the getaways for Scandinavian vacation. With Euro as its currency, the conversion rate may be expensive to meet up some spending.

New York City, United States

New York

There is always this joke that getting your apartment in Manhattan can be fortune. This is a city where you would find money moguls like  Jay Z, Beyonce ,Donald Trump and lots of Wall Street guys. There is fun in NYC, you can relax in a semi-decent hotel, walk the Empire State Building and have a night out in some lovely restaurants on the streets.

Paris, France


The Eiffel Tower is intimidating and stunning at the same time. It may be a pronounced structure when you visit Paris but there are more to the city. It is romanticized city that has suddenly become a haven for lovers and those who appreciate arts.  You can be taken away by the smell of the freshly baked breads, the aroma of exotic meals that have been experimented in the kitchen by some world class chefs, sweet wine that can soothe away your stress and activities that are simply out of this world.  This is Paris for you and it does not come cheap.

There are still other cities that are cut throat in terms of spending. We must advise that you look out for the cheap hotels and other vacation packages before you head to any of these cities.



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