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Have you ever been denied a visa before? The pain is always raw when you remember it. We have taken out time to reveal some of the world’s most powerful passports and also the passports that would not let you travel anywhere. Let us highlight the Henley and Partners's Visa Restrictions Index  that calculates travel freedom. This is based on the number of countries citizens can visit visa-free.


We have come to know that some of the best passports in the world are the UK, Germany, USA and Finland while Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan has the lowest ranking in the world.

When you have a passport, it quickly opens you up to a lot of freedom and world of possibility.  There are some countries that you may even have the access to the government-issued documents, you are still restricted and barred from several countries.


The Henley and Partners has  created a Visa Restrictions Index. It is what ranks different countries in accordance to the travel freedom their inhabitants enjoy. It is expected that some countries like Cuba and North Korea should go to the bottom for the most restricted travel freedom,  it was surprisingly that these countries did well.

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According to Henley and Partners, in today's globalised world, visa restrictions play an important role in controlling the movement of foreign nationals across borders. Almost all countries now require visas from certain non-nationals who wish to enter their territory. Visa requirements are also an expression of the relationships between individual nations, and generally reflect the relations and status of a country within the international community of nations.


If you have the Pakistani Khyber Gateway to the Khyber Pass stamps are able to give you opportunities to  enter on 32 countries visa-free. Nepal with residents being able to visit 37 countries without a visa and Pakistan  and citizens are able to visit 32 countries including Trinidad and Tobago, Haiti, and Dominica without a visa. Though,Afghanistan who are banned from entering Kuwait entirely. can, however, travel to Micronesia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and Haiti without a visa entirely though.

The index reflected the decision in 2014 to allow citizens of the UAE to be allowed short stays in the EU Schengen countries without a visa, moving them up the rankings in the travel freedom index.


A UN World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) report stated that three-quarters of people in the world travelling to Europe need a visa

According to the latest Visa Openness Report by the UNWTO, 62 per cent of the world’s population was required a traditional visa prior to departure in 2014, down from 77 per cent in 2008.

A total of 19 per cent of the world’s population was able to enter a destination without a visa, while 16 per cent could receive a visa on arrival (compared to 17 per cent and 6 per cent in 2008).  

This has shown that some countries can do far better than others when it comes to travelling. It is also surprising that some of the countries we thought are strict are not.


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