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There is no limit to what people would do to be healthy at retreats, from the sobbing seminars that is carried out in Japan to the Gabon’s psychedelic shrubbery, the list is endless and what happens at some wellness retreats are really weird.

If you feel cold after a traditional spa or drowsy after a medication, you should not feel dismay because there are numerous options that are out there for you to choose from.  Think about swimming in red wine and the drug-fuelled shaman rituals; these are some of the weird wellness retreats. We have more of these retreats that would change your life forever.

Some of these wellness retreats can be really scary but this does not mean that people are not getting involved with this.

Orgasmic meditation, UK

Orgasmic meditation,UK

Some husbands may be alarmed to hear about this wellness retreats.  It is often called the OM where a fully dressed partner would stroke the clitoris of a woman for about fifteen minutes. This can happen in groups or even in private.  This is known to reduce stress, increase higher energy levels and intimacy.

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Psychedelic enlightenment, Gabon

Psychedelic enlightenment, Gabon

A walk into the Gabon’s pristine forest and get indulged with a potent hallucinogen known as iboga.  It is ingested during the spiritual ritual where the worship of forest is mixed Christianity. This Iboga would induce a long trip which the shamans admit that it reduces depression. People had been warned from participating in this but tourists are coming here for the wellness retreat.

Silent retreat, India

silent retreat

It is really difficult for the mind to rest with a lot of things worrying the modern man, the social life and technology is not helping matters which make the silent retreat an important one. In this Vipassana retreat, participants are made to take 10 day vow of silence and lead a monastic lifestyle.  It is believed that this would improve wellbeing and self understanding is enhanced.


Return to the womb, Gran Canaria

return to the womb

Return to the womb can be the relaxing space that can be better than a luxury spa. This happens at the Lopesan Costa Meloneras Resort in Gran Canaria. In this retreat, participants are allowed to lie in a foetal position on a waterbed while the ambient sounds emanate from the warm red walls.

Salt caves, Chicago

salt cave

Those who own the Galos Caves would tell you that a short stint in any of their salt caves can cure anything from colon inflammation to asthma. It is said that there is benefit in halotherapy which is the inhaling of a salt enriched air.

There are many of these retreats that you can find around the world.  Some of these weird wellness retreats can help you get healthy and at the same time, it may be dangerous.   This is the reason why you should take out time in understanding the type of retreat you may get involved in.

If you want to explore another type of lifestyle, run away from the bustling life of the city and get yourself focused, maybe, some of these wellness retreats can help you



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