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Where do you think is the world’s most unfriendly location? We have brought out some of the places where you cannot just travel expect it is very necessary. Not that these places are not visited everyday by guests but it is not as easy as some other destinations you may visited are like. It is either you may not get your visa on time or the place is simply dangerous.

The Kokoda Trail

The Kokoda Trail

This trail located somewhere between the northern and southern parts of Papua New Guinea is a 100km trail that has seen many visitors gone through it over the years. It is made up of thick rainforest having some wonderful flora and fauna. The rainforest has some sites that were used as battlefields during World War II. Most people who make the trek have to be ready to carry all their basic needs and trek for at least ten hours a day. It would take ten hours of trekking for six days to complete the trail. There are numerous dangers along the way that include constant bites from mosquitoes and leeches, the danger of falling into trenches and even that of being attacked by locals.

Guayaquil, Ecuador


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Guayaquil may be the most populous city Ecuador and home to most business but it is a poorly planned city. Buildings have been put up haphazardly giving the city a poor look. When it comes to pollution it is very high here with all the different manufacturing companies doing the worse. Some of Ecuadors poorest live here and robbery and pick pocketing is high here. Be careful when

North Korea

North Korea

Getting a visa to North Korea is not an easy process for most people. The process is very strict and rigorous. Those who even manage to get a visa may find they get escorted all around by guides throughout their time there. People from South Korea are not allowed to enter the North and if you are a journalist, don’t bother even asking for a visa. Other nationalities that may find it hard to get a visa into this country included people from the United States and the United Kingdom.



Acapulco used to be synonymous with exotic beaches and wonderful holiday resorts and it still is only this time too many news of murders has helped to take away from the attractiveness of this location. When you are here of 200 murders within two months then you know you should be heading the other way. Although locals have been quick to point out that these murders are drug related, you never know when you can become collateral damage.

Democratic Republic Congo


Even though the war in this country is over, visa processing is not very straight forward. There are a lot of bureaucratic bottle necks involved in the processing of visa. You need to show your yellow fever vaccination card before entering the country. Also depending on your reason for visit, you may need an invitation. Short term visas are no longer available to citizens of countries like the United Kingdom.


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