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Are you tired or bored of the activities that you do during vacations? We have listed some of the finest places where you can enjoy a lot of new activities that are thrilling. You would discover a lot of great activities that would push you to explore different terrains no matter how dangerous that they may be. These places can be found in places where you least expect which is what makes it fun and exciting.  Here we go as we move you from one great destination to another in some of the exciting holiday destinations in this world.

South Africa

South Africa

South Africa is a great place to visit. Aside the fact that it has great tourist attraction centers, you can make a lot of daring adventures here. If you are really seeking something that will leave the adrenaline in your body pumping faster than ever before, then try this gorge swinging at Oribi in South Africa. It is a fun but dare devil activity. You stand on a cliff and swing to an abyss below that is at least 70m. The swing is quite rudimentary and it is made up of a cord attached to a cable that runs across the gorge. So you love to court danger and you just can’t stop until it is really dangerous?



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This quiet country cannot be complete if it does not have a lot of thrilling places for tourists. You are given a lot of places to explore and beat your adrenaline. Those seeking a thrill always head to this area to participate in Base jumping activities. This activity that may frighten others to the core only makes these travelers super excited. Kjerag Mountain is the highest peak in the Lysefjord area standing at above 1000m. The view of the surrounding fjord from the top of the mountain is simply breathtaking. Apart from base jumping, there are other activities for this adventure seeking travelers. Explore the mountains and even go for kayaking on the fjord. There are guides to guard you all the way.



There are a lot of things that you can do while in Austria. What can beat the thrill of sailing through rapids and falls? The Austrian Tyrol is simply nature at its top beauty and when you have the chance to view this wonderful location from above, it is a totally different. Get the thrill of your life and go for paragliding at this location.

Admire the beautiful Austrian villages from and beautiful scenery from great heights. If you are a novice, you can go on a tandem paraglide flight which includes an instructor. This is what you will get when you go for white water rafting adventures in Austria. As you float rapidly through the rapid and small falls, don’t forget to also admire the beautiful Austrian landscape for they are simply stunning. Since the rapids are not that strong people of all ages can take part in this activity. It is a great way to spend the summer.


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