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It would be hard to imagine the world without food, so it is only normal that agriculture should be of prime importance when it comes to tourism. Agriculture refers to crop cultivation as well as livestock breeding to be used as food. At least all countries in the world have some form of agriculture going on. However, in this article we reviewed the top five agricultural countries based on the amount of land that is used for agriculture.



The land area of China may account for only 10% of the world’s land mass but it is still able to produce enough food to be able to feed its population that is actually 20% of that of the world. Of the land available, only about 15% is being used for agriculture. Most agricultural products in China are for local consumption. Main food crops include rice, wheat and potatoes which could be white or sweet. Peri urban agriculture is big in China and sometimes amount to about 70% of the non staple food in urban areas like Beijing. China has recently embraced organic agriculture which has increased its chances in exporting agricultural products.



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In the 1950s agriculture contributed to almost 80% of the Gross Domestic Product of Australia. Although this percentage contribution has dropped over the years, agriculture is still a major contributor to the Australian economy Today, approximately 439 million hectares is used for agriculture. Today, there are over 134 thousand farms, most of which are owned by families, employing upwards of 300 thousand people. Australia produces a lot of wheat, cattle, vegetables and sugarcane. The country is also well known for horticulture and Viticulture

Large parts of Australia are deserts so agricultural activities are often faced with problems like drought. However, irrigation techniques are being employed to combat this.

United States of America

United States

The Unite States is a major exporter of food and boasts of over 2 million farms spread over the different states. The land used for agriculture occupies at least 409 million hectares. Although farming activities can be seen in all states, major agricultural activities are concentrated around central US in the Great Plains and Great Lakes area. This is one country that has made use of scientific agriculture to improve on its agricultural sector. Main crops include corn, cattle, wheat and chicken meat.



Ever since World War II, Brazil has expanded its agricultural sector and now has over 263 million hectares of land used for agriculture. The main agricultural areas are in the North East, , Southern and Central Brazil.  It is a major producer of coffee, soy beans, and sugar cane. It is the world’s largest producer of sugarcane.



 After the fall of the Soviet Union, Russia noticed a sharp fall in its agricultural sector. However, years after, it is still one of the largest agricultural countries. The country has moved from a system of state owned farms to family owned ones. This has resulted to mass improvements in agriculture due to renewed interest by the people. In Russia, about 216 million hectares of land is used for agriculture. Main agricultural crops include wheat, sunflower oil, tobacco, beverages and barley.

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