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Are you thinking of a beach to escape to? We know that there are hundreds of beaches around the world, from America to a tiny village to Asia, from Australia to Nigeria and the lists are endless. Sometimes, we are confused on which of these beaches to visit because most of them are charming. To make the search narrower and easier for you, we have listed the top beaches on earth and we bet that you may not agree with us less.

1. Baia de Sancho, Brazil

Baia de Sancho, Brazil

One beach that always makes the difference on planet earth is Baia de Sancho in Brazil. The beach is located on the northeast of Brazil’s island and has become the world best beach according to TripAdvisor. This beach has good reports from a lot of media houses like CNN and has become the favourite of millions of tourists around the world. It has this solitude that is charming, coral reefs and emerald water that is sparkling.

2. Eagle beach

Eagle beach

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This is a public beach that is wide with soft white sand and has many low rise resorts that are legendary.  Nudity is allowed in this beach and it is situated in Aruba.

3. Ngapali beach, Myanmar

Ngapali beach, Myanmar

The idyllic palm trees line up the beach and give the pristine white sand a romantic look which is accompanied by clear blue waters.  Are you thinking of relaxing in a paradise on earth? Ngapali beach is just the right place to be.

4. Maungaui beach, New Zealand

Maungaui beach, New Zealand

It all begins with whispers about a beach in New Zealand called Maungaui beach that is one of the finest in the world, that is close the volcano Mauao before people started coming to it. Today, it has become of the most visited on earth.

5. El Cabo San Juan beach

El Cabo San Juan beach

In Parque Tayrona lies El Cabo San Juan beach, Colombia. This is known as the prettiest beach in South America.

6. Grace Bay, Turks and Caicos

Grace Bay, Turks and Caicos

At Grace Bay, you are going experience a world of sand that merges with sea. There are so much that this beach got to offer every visitor. It is sparkling and has this sublime elegance of the Caribbean that is attached to it. This is where you can have your dream beach vacation. Pristine ground is all lovely.

7. Iztuzu beach, Turkey

Iztuzu beach, Turkey

It is a 4.5 kilometers long beach that is situated in Turkey. This is where you would find the loggerhead turtle that is among endangered animals in the world.  It has become a Köyceğiz-Dalyan Special Environmental Protection Area.

8. Playa Paraiso,Mexico

Playa Paraiso,Mexico

Do we say that Playa Paraiso is a haven for wild lives? The sand is amazing, the water is cool and the environment is mesmerizing.

9. Diani beach, Kenya

Diani beach, Kenya

Diani beach in Kenya is another beach that is making Africa proud. You do not need to worry about natural luxury and beauty when you are here. It has been named among the top 25 beaches on earth by TripAdvisor.

10. Rabbit beach, Italy

Rabbit beach, Italy

The name may be funny but this European beach would blow you off your feet at first sight. It is elegantly crafted by Mother Nature and has been over pampered by man. Rabbit beach has become one of the best beaches in the world.

111. Playa Paraiso, Cuba

Playa Paraiso, Cuba

The gorgeous stretch beach, Playa Paraiso has white sand that overlooks the Caribbean Sea.  It is naturally preserved and has a natural state that every visitor would appreciate. You can relax and do a lot of things at once here. Do not forget the sun here.

12. Playa de Ses Illetes, Spain

Playa de Ses Illetes, Spain

Playa de Ses Illetes has become a beach for life in Spain. What is it that you are thinking of when you think of a great beach? There is hardly anything that beaches got to offer that Playa de Ses cannot give to you.

13. Anse Lazio, Seychelles

Anse Lazio, Seychelles

Located in Praslin Island and have been considered as one of the finest beaches in the archipelago. Close to Zanzibar and sitting in the middle of the Indian Ocean and at the north east of the blissful Madagascar is Anse Lazio.  It has very neat water and makes swimming amazing.

14. White Beach, Philippines

White Beach, Philippines

If you ever visited the White Beach, you would understand why it has become one of the best. It is just one of the irresistible beaches in the world.

15. Flamenco Beach, Puerto Rico

Flamenco Beach, Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico has many waters but Flamenco Beach beats them all. It is stretched for a mile and has this lovely horseshoe –shaped bay that makes it a paradise on earth. A lot of writers have written about it.

16. Whitehaven beach, Australia

Whitehaven beach, Australia

The most photographed beach in Australia is Whitehaven beach, stretching close to eight kilometers with its silica sand and it has crystal clear aqua water. You would love coming here because of how beautiful it has become and you cannot but love it the more.


17. Elafonissi beach, Greece

Elafonissi beach, Greece

Elafonisi  is called the Deer Island and is close to the Mediterranean island of Crete. It is one of the world beaches that are naturally protected which is the reason a lot of people come to it often.

18. Camp's Bay beach, South Africa

Camp's Bay beach, South Africa

In the suburb of Cape Town lies the Camps bay which is a famous beach in the world. It is not only Africans that it attracts but foreigners. Many tourists come here to have a blissful moment. Little wonder, it made the list of the finest beaches in the world.

19. Radhangar Beach, India

Radhangar Beach, India

In 2004, Radhangar Beach was named as the best beach in Asia. The Times magazine has dubbed it the seventh beach in the world and it is located in India.  You are thinking of one exotic beach to visit? Do not look far again.

20. Woolacombe beach, England

Woolacombe beach, England

Woolacombe beach is a place for surfing and vacation. It is a three miles beach that meets the Atlantic Ocean. You cannot come to England and miss it because it has become a famous place for the residents, even the media respects it.

21. Siesta beach, Florida

Siesta beach, Florida

Siesta beach, Florida is a very beautiful beach that has given Florida another tourist beach. You would definitely fall in love with it and it has everything that you may ever desire in a beach.

22. West Bay beach, Honduras

West Bay beach, Honduras

When you are in Honduras, the first thing that may come to your mind is visiting West Bay beach. This is one of the finest beaches that bring you closer to Mother Nature. Little wonder, it has been dubbed one of the top beaches on earth.

23. Cayo de Augua

Cayo de Augua, Venezuela

Cayo de Augua may not be great for snorkeling but it is a nice place to visit. You would love to explore the beach that is stretched for many miles. You can bring along family and friends here to reignite love that is filled in the air.

24. Playa Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

Playa Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

Another beach that makes the whole difference in Costa Rica is Playa Manuel Antonio. A lot of amazing pictures have been taken in this place. You may not want to miss from the many activities that are always lined up for you.

25. Nai Harn beach, Thailand

Nai Harn beach, Thailand

Thailand can boldly speak out in silence when you are in Nai Harn beach. Who says that Thailand does not stand out among other Asian countries with gorgeous beaches? This beach would prove that Thailand is richly blessed with a lovely beach that is recognized around the world.

26. Sharm el Luli Egypt

Sharm el Luli Egypt

A lot of stories have been spoken of Sharm el Luli. None of these stories are less than what has been said about them in beauty and elegance. Come here and have some of the prettiest moments of your life.

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