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The developed countries are the ones who always want a much free visa travel. But, situations are very restricted for various reasons. The five countries with the least valued passports are as follow:-



The first and foremost country to list down is none other than Afghanistan. The passport of this country is least valued in the world. The country provides access to other 23 countries without visa. This is a real demerit in regards to all the developed country. The visa restriction index does not support the traveling of Afghanis to more countries. The recent development has included some extra countries too; now the number of countries is 28. It has the visa free options only restricted to some countries all over the world.



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The second country on the list is none other than Iraq. The country has a very poor value to their passport; the country is suffering from loads of trouble regarding war and post war troubles. Needless to say, a very horrendous history with the political trauma has made Iraqis loss their permission to travel visa-free to the important countries of the world. The Iraqi government is in its weakened state and working out with the developed countries. The passport of this country only supports 31 countries of the world to have a visa-free travel.



The third country in the list is none other than Pakistan. The country only allows its passport holders to travel 32 countries without visa. The Visa Restricti0n Index has barred the country and its citizens to travel any further. The political issue and its followed up troubles has made the country and its Pakistanis to get the minimum facilities out of their passports. The country of 188 millions has only access to 32 countries for free visa travel. This is something of a restricted disregard.



The fourth country in the list is none other than Somalia. The country is well known for loads of things; starting from incursion of US military to the well known Somali pirates of 2000s has always created loads of trouble for the country’s passport support. The country is tied to the country’s hotbed for loads of things; firstly, it offers visa free travel to 32 countries. Malaysia is amongst the countries which allow Somalia a very renowned visa free access. The other country which is allowed by Somalia is Uganda.

Palestinian Territory

The fifth country in the list is none other than Palestine. This is the country having name and fame for all the negative factors involved. The country is suffering from high rate of air prison cells as well as high rate of crimes. The citizenship of Palestine is always troubled for the presence of all the leaded crimes, troubled government and many more pending matters. The Palestine government suffers from various restrictions; so, the country only provides free visa travel options to 32 countries. The Palestinian citizenship is very difficult to get and most importantly, it gives the opportunity to spend 30 days in Malaysia.

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