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Migration of animals is very popular in various countries; as migration occurs throughout the world, it has earned its popularity. It’s such as the most interesting event in the world of migration and natural habitat. Our natural eco-systems are completely adapted to the migrating conditions of the animals. Various animals migrate in water bodies, air as well as lands. The well known countries which cover the migration of the animals are many but we have listed a few for you to know.

Sea Turtles between Indonesia and U.S.A

Sea Turtles

The Sea turtles cover the water body of Pacific Ocean between Indonesia and Pacific Ocean.  The sea turtles cover almost 12,000 miles in 647 days. The closest countries are Indonesia and U.S.A and cover a large range. They get back to their birth place where they get ready to breed. Indonesia and U.S.A takes the first place in terms of the migration countries.

Baleen whales and Penguins in Arctic or Antarctic areas

Baleen whales and Penguins

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The Baleen whales in Arctic or Antarctica circles can cross around 16,000 miles and cover a high distance more than any other mammals on the earth. These whales cover the areas towards the colder areas where they breed and give birth. The baleen whales are of various types; the gray whales and the humpback whales cross about 14,000 miles and cover a high distance more than any other mammals can ever do. The penguins are no less than these whales; they can take the longest route through the water. The two poles take the second position steadily.

Dragonflies between India and Maldives


Dragonflies cover a range between India and Maldives which gives the reason behind its long distance migration. The dragonflies can cover the distance of 16,000 – 18,000 kilometers from India upto Maldives. These petite sized green insects have got its place among colossal sized animals. The Dragonflies cover the Seychelles, the Mozambique, Uganda and back again to India. Thus, they take the third position in terms of the top most migration countries.

Wildbeest beast in African Savanna

Wildbeest beast

The Wildbeest beast in African Savanna is the grandest and colossal herd to be able to cross the African savanna. African Savanna turns fourth position in terms of the migration; every year African savanna witness the moving 2, 00,000 zebras. They are migrating through the African Savanna grasslands to make sure the habitat is kept intact. The best part of African Savanna is that migration is necessary part of this place. If animals do not migrate the whole area goes under complete dryness due to the absence of greenery.

Arctic pole and its Arctic Tern

arctic pole

The Arctic pole has got its classical touch to the Arctic Tern and has given way to the migration of this well known bird. The Arctic tern migrates every year. Arctic region is just not famous for its water animal whale, but also for its air animal; this bird migrates the longest route along the Arctic region. New Zealand and China are the halting positions of these birds. These birds take some rest among these places.

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