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People travel because they want something different from their daily routine. Something interesting that will make their journey worth the while. That is why when the thought of travelling comes to mind, a person will also think about what they will have to do from morning to night when they get to their destination. Holidays that leave you feeling bored are really a waste of time and should be avoided. Surprisingly, not all cities and towns can boast of activities for holiday makers that can help keep the holiday makers for the duration of their holiday. The following cities have been rated by travelers as boring when it comes to what to do that is apart from staying at a hotel and eating in restaurants.



Brussels happens to be the central seat of the European Union is located and many other international organisations have their headquarters there. In short, the only way you will find fun in this city is probably in business meetings. While there are many bars and restaurants, you may be bored stiff when you find a lot of bureaucrats dressed in official attire discussing the next policy.


Houston, United States

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Houston is hot, Houston is humid. The traffic jam is just something else. Even the site attraction that Houston residents are so proud of visitors find really. Some people even find buildings boring. That is just a few of the complaints you get from visitors to this city that ironically happens to be the fourth largest city in the United State. Travelers suggest that the state government should do more to give the city a facelift.


Zurich, Switzerland


When you are here of Switzerland, the first thing that will probably come to mind are big banks and financial houses. The city is quite beautiful especially if the view across Lake Zurich is taken into account but when it comes to exciting things to do it is lacking. There is not much to see in this town apart from the usual shopping malls and restaurants.




After all the hard work that has gone into making Singapore today, one will be tempted to think that it should be a dynamic city to spend time in. However, most travelers find that apart from the shopping experience and perhaps the fine dining, there is not much else to do in this city. There are those who are of the opinion that the policy makers were so interested in economic growth that they seemed to have forgotten social growth. Singapore is all shiny on the outside but when you get in, you may feel like you are stuck in a hole thanks to the lack of what to do around the city apart from shopping.


Wellington, New Zealand


The capital of New Zealand apart from being very windy is considered by most visitors as simply boring. Its lush green natural environment is quite beautiful but when people travel, they need more than beautiful pastures, they need adventure which is what the city is short of. When it comes to what to do in the city, there is not much to do.


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