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Sweating profusely immediately you hop off the plain may not be what you had in mind when you booked your holiday but what can you do when you really want to visit that tourist attraction your friend had been raving about? For those who live in cold places it may come as a shock that temperatures can get as high as 42 degrees in some cities and when we talk about hot, we mean scorching.

There are many cities around the world that will vye for a position among the hottest cities in the world but very few like the five listed here can also claim to be great tourist attractions in spite of the heat.


Angra, India


It will probably come as no surprise that a city in India makes the list. After all, India is not only known to be a favourite tourist destination but also very hot one. A huge tourist attraction for visitors to India is the Taj Mahal. This white mausoleum that was built centuries ago is still one of the world’s eight wonders today. The Taj Mahal is located in Agra which experience temperatures of up to 42 degrees in May.

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Las Vegas, United States

Las Vegas

Anytime you here Vegas the first things that come to mind are poker faces rolling roulettes and all night parties. This city that is well known for its gambling habits attracts millions of visitors every year. A lot of things happen in Vegas but you are told you have to leave them there. Yes ”what happens in Vegas remains in Vegas” except of course the sunburns. When you say Vegas is hot, everybody will readily agree thinking you are referring to the lifestyle. However, Las Vegas is literally a hot city with temperatures going up to 40 degrees. But you know, the gamblers don’t mind.


Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Dubia the shopping centre of the Middle East is very hot between the months of June and September. Temperatures can go as a high as 40 degrees Celsius. However, even with the hot temperatures, you can be sure to find people shopping in the busy Deira area until late into the night. Although it can very hot during the day, the nights can also be very cold. Houses and hotels in Dubai have very good conditioning systems so if you stay indoors, you may escape some of the heat.


Marakech Morocco


This city may not be as hot as the previous cities but the temperatures are still relatively high compare to other cities. The temperatures can go well above 36 degrees towards the month of June.




This is one place you may not want to find yourself in when the sun really gets to the peak. Temperatures here can get up to 41 degrees Celsius and this can be so between the months of May and September. Most tourists to this city will try to avoid coming there between this period. When they do, they try to avoid those times when temperatures are the highest.


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