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It would be difficult to visit a tourist destination that is not friendly to the people coming to it. Protection of the environment is very huge topics these days and many intentional policies have come up with the aim of encouraging countries to help towards protect the world’s environment. While many countries are putting in efforts to make their operations more environmentally friendly, there are still others that are lagging behind. The Environmental Protection index, EPI,  was established with the aim of measuring the environmental performance of countries. The top five countries that are very friendly when you visit them in terms of the environment are presented below.




For the past two years, Switzerland has consistently stayed at the top of EPI rankings. The country has consistently ranked high in biodiversity and habitat protection as well as its efforts in controlling air pollution. Switzerland had a cumulative score of 87.67 on nine indicators which included indicators for health, air quality, water and sanitation, water resources among others.


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Luxembourg scored a total of 83.29 out of a score of 100. Luxembourg has done a lot to improve on its environmental management policies over the years. A lot of environmentally friendly initiatives have been taken to improve on the greenness of the country. One example is the improvement of waste management where they have adopted the “polluter pays user pays principle”. The country has strict environmental laws and regulations that must be adhered to be all. Also a lot of money is put into sponsoring environmental management projects.



According to the EPI results for 2014 Australia ranks third scoring a total of 82.4 out of 100. This nega diverse country is highly industrialized with a lot of work ongoing in the natural resources sector. The economy of the country has improved rapidly over the last few years and with that came growing concerns for the environment. Although a lot has been done in terms of polices to ensure that it remains a top ranking green country. A lot still has to be done especially when it comes to encouraging a participatory approach to environmental sustainability.



Singapore is the only country in the world right now that has managed to move from a developing country to a highly industrialized country all in a very short timeframe.  It presently ranks fourth in terms of Environmental performance with a total score of 81.78 out of 100.  The country made a great leap from the 28th  position in previous years to fourth position. This was mainly due to great performances recorded in the health and water resources management sectors. Although it ranked high in the health sector, a lot still has to be done is biodiversity protection and air pollution control.

Czech Republic

czech republic

Czech Republic was ranked fifth in the 2014 EPI rankings scoring 81.47 out of 100. This country that is undergoing economic changes and also hoping to get admitted into the EU has done well in terms of protecting its environment. Although the effects of past neglect of the environmental are still obvious, the country favourable environmental policies in the early 1990s that have helped improve the greenness of the county.





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