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Today, technology is all we here of and there is nothing you can imagine that technology does not have an answer for. Cutting edge technology has helped us move from desk phones to mobile phones and today even watch phones. Today technology is being used for everything; from mobile money to digital cars and trains, there is no lack of innovation. While most cities around the world are doing their best to embrace high tech into all aspects of life, five cities stand out as the main hubs when it comes to high tech.

Tokyo Japan


Japan’s futuristic capital is a major technology hub when it comes to high tech. Apart from the fact that the city is home to some of the biggest names in electronics, such as Sony and Panasonic, it also has a huge market for other less well known brands. The city itself has embraced technology to its core ranging from digital toilets to very high speed public transport. It will be hard to see someone in this city who does not own a Smartphone. Unlike other cities around the world, WIFI and broadband connections in this city are super fast and very affordable.



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Singapore has completely embraced technology in every aspect of life. This is one city in which mobile money is considered a legal tender and many people have embraced it. It would be hard to find people moving around with cash in this country. People can pay for goods and services through their phones or even watches. The cost of road toll in this city is calculated based on the frequency with which you use the road. This is made possible through the radio frequency identification tags placed on all cars. Also the government has offered its citizens high speed broadband that is totally free.

Hong Kong, China

Hong Kong, China

When you talk of a futuristic city, Hong Kong definitely has its place. This is the city where robots are used to serve people in bars and where school children register their presence in school by leaving their finger prints. The coverage of cell phone networks is impressive and you can be sure that almost everybody who leaves in this city owns a smartphone and one other high tech gadget. An area of town called Cyber port offers free and fast WIFI and broadband causing most electronic companies to move to that part of the city.

Seoul, South Korea

Seoul, South Korea

The mobile phone industry in South Korea has its capital in Seoul. Major manufactures like Samsung and LG have their headquarters in this city. More than half of the population that lives in this city are game lovers and it is not uncommon to find crowded game centers. The internet coverage is also quite good with WIFI present in buses and even in subways.

Silicon Valley California, United States

Sillicon valley

If you are looking for help with your computer or tablet or even Smartphone, the guys at Silicon Valley will be more than ready to help. This area has the highest concentration of high tech workers who are well trained in different areas of software and hardware technology. Silicon Valley is also the birth place of Web 2.0 and major technology giants like Google are located here.






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