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If you are one of those who leave in the tropics, the closest you have come to very cold temperatures is contact with your freezer. Imagine how cold your freezer can get and think of how you sometimes have to struggle with the cold when getting things out of the freezer. Then imagine you had to leave in an area which is as cold or even colder. This may be hard for some to imagine but for others, it is a reality. There are many people leaving in the poles at temperatures that can read minus at some periods. While it may not be obvious to others how people can leave at such cold temperatures, the inhabitants of such places have learnt to leave with these cold temperatures for ages. Some of the coldest cities in the world are discussed below. Note here that there may be places that are colder but here we are referring to cities.

Astana in Kazakhstan


The capital city of Kazakhstan is well known for its very cold winter months which normally last from December to sometime in march. During the winter months, temperatures can go as low as -1 degrees celsius and even lower. Most often, places will be this cold even in the absence of snow since the weather in this city can be very dry. However, when snow falls it may not be that heavy as in other places but the cold is deadly especially for visitors.

Harbin in China


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In the north eastern part of China seats the Ice City Harbin. It has earned the name of Ice city thanks to its freezing temperatures. In spite of the cold, the city still boasts of over ten million inhabitants. Ice lovers will enjoy being in this city between the months of December and February when temperatures are coldest. The town has also used its cold temperature to its advantage becoming a popular winter tourist destination. It also host one of the largest ice shows the Harbin International Ice and snow Festival. Temperatures can go as low as -23 degrees Celsius

Fort Vermilion in Canada

Fort Vermilion

Temperatures in this small city in Alberta can go as low as -26 degrees Celsius. This city which was one of the cities to host European settlers has remained thickly populated over the years. The host of historical sites and entertainment activities help take the minds of the inhabitants off the cold during the bitter and cold winters

Ulaanbaatar in Mongolia


The temperature in this Mongolian capital can reach lows of -32 degrees Celsius. Surprisingly, the inhabitants have learnt to leave with the biting cold.

Yakutsk in Russia


Talk of a cold hell when you look towards Russia and the many extreme temperatures that can be found there. Yakutsk is the capital of the Sakah Republic a federal subject of Russia. Temperatures in this city of about 300 thousand people can get as low as -40 degrees Celsius. It is not uncommon to see residents wrapped in thick fur hats and coats and staying indoors during the winter.





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