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When you are visiting a strange town and have spent the whole day going from one site attraction to another, you want to look forward to a night of fun. For most people, what makes holidays fun is what happens at night and not necessarily beautiful lakes and high mountains. Cities where people can find bars open late in the night are certainly encouraging. Some of these cities may be very quiet during the day with no indication of what actually happens at night. For those who do not mind a bit of night life, the following cities have a lot to offer.

Dublin, Ireland


Dublin is a well known party city with an active night life. This is a beer drinking city although drinking of alcohol is mostly regulated by law. According to the law, alcohol should not be served after 11:00p.m at night during weekdays and this curfew can be pushed to midnight during weekends. This does not however stop parties from going on as you will find that party venues get rented out constantly. Merriow Row and Boggot Street offer interesting activities for night lovers.

Belgrade Serbia


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Belgrade may not be the most interesting city in the world but it has a very interesting night life. It may not be the most developed city in terms of economy and industrial development but it is sure at the top when it comes to partying and nightlife. Those who love to party can never be bored in Belgrade. In this city you get the best parties ever even if they happen in places that will be considered below standards in terms of health and safety. This city never sleeps and the night clubs run for twelve months a year.

Ibiza Spain


The fun lifestyle of Spanish people is well reflected in the nightlife in Ibiza. Just like in other places in Spain, partying in Ibiza is an all night affair. This beach town that receives millions of visitors every year is well known for its numerous clubs and active night life. From beach parties to clubbing, there is no lack of fun activities.

Sao Paulo Brazil

Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo offers visitors a rich nightlife. There are over 1500 bars in the city distributed in the different neighbourhoods. If you ask anybody where to go to at night while in Sao Paulo, the first name that will certainly come to mind is Villa Madelena. Another popular neighbourhood notorious for active nightlife is Villa Olimpia. Don’t be surprised to find the road filled with cars and crowded with people at midnight. People in Brazil are very relaxed and would not hesitate to make passes at fellow party goers. No matter what they say, this is a city that never sleeps.

San Juan Puerto Rico

San Juan Puerto Rico

If you are in the Caribbean and you want to party, Puerto Rico is the country you should be heading to. The capital, San Juan, is where it all happens. While the night life is very vibrant, some visitors may not be able to put up with it as partying usually starts late into the night.






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