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There are many lakes found around the world but some are located in hard to access places. However, those that make the journey are richly rewarded by beautiful views. Some of the world’s remote lakes are;

Jelly Fish, Eil Malik Island,  Lake Palau

Jelly Fish, Eil Malik Island

Palau is a small island country with a small population of a little over 20 thousand scatter among the 250 islands that make up the country. Deep in the country’s forest, is a remote lake that has been given the name Jelly Fish Lake. The lake gets its name from the many jellyfish that live in the lake waters. Although snorkeling can be done, it is not advisable as there is risk of disturbing the natural habitat of the lake. Also, below 15m depth, the waters are anoxic and contain hydrogen sulphide which is potentially dangerous to humans.

Lake Wastwater, England

Lake Wastwater England

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Lake Wastwater is located in the Wasdale valley in England. Wasdale is a district in the Lake District nationlal park. The lake is the deepest lake in the country with its surface at 200m above sea level and its bottom at least 50m below sea level. The lake is probably and ancient glacier valley and its surrounded by mountains such as England highest mountain Scafell pike. One view from the mountain has been voted by ITV viewers as the best view in the country.

Shadow Lake, Canada

Shadow Lake, Canada

This is a remote lake located in Canada in the Banff National Park. The lake is located at the foot of Mount Ball that is found within the park. The only way to access this lake is through long hiking trips. Thanks to its remote location, those who make the trip can be sure of very limited noise. Also the environment of the lake has limited contamination.

Blue Lake, Australia

Blue Lake. Australia

This lake is a recent and rare finds discovered by scientist. According to the scientists who discovered the lake, this is one area in the world that has not be affected by the much talked about climate change. They are suggesting that the lake has remained the same for the last 7000 years at the least. According to the scientists, although many nearby lakes have dried up, this particular lake has remained the same thanks to the fact that it empties into a surrounding swampy area where it is replenished every 35 days by an underground aquifer. The lake is a crate r lake located in Mount Gamer in Sothern Australia. The colour of the lake changes to a vibrant blue colour during the months of December to March and maintains a steel grey colour for the rest of the year.

Lake Kanas, China

Lake Kanas, China

In the extreme north of Burquin county in Xinjiang Automonous Region in China seats Lake Kanas. The lake is located at least 150km from the main seat of the county. It is hailed as a secluded lake that offers visitors a quiet recess from the ever bustling city life. The lake is located deep within the alpine mountains at approximately 1370m above sea level. At its deepest point the lake is about 188.5m. In this lake, it is possible to find southern Siberian flora and fauna. It is also a good place for bird watching.

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