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Halloween is the time when people dress up in scary outfits and creep behind their friends and neighbours. If the screams from frightened children and fake monsters are not enough to get your blood pumping adrenaline, try staying at one of these cities below with a long history of haunted places. Some of these cities are considered scary because of the popularity of certain spiritual worships like voodoo that many consider to be evil. These cities are not only scary during Halloween. They have gained the reputation of being scary all through the year.

New Orleans, United State

New Orleans

This American city has earned the name of the most haunted city in America. There are lots of stories about haunted houses and the practice of witchcraft. New Orleans is usually associated with Voodoo a word that conjures images of black magic, witches conjuring and other evil acts. Voodoo is believed to have originated from the black slaves who worked in plantations in Haiti. It said to have been brought to New Orleans after the slave revolt that saw the fleeing of slaves from their masters. When it comes to voodoo in this city, the story will be incomplete without a mention of Marie Laveau who was an influential voodoo leader in the mid 1800s.

Venice, Italy


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During the early years of the modern period, Venice was notorious for being the center of witchcraft. Coupled to this were the mass graves that were used to dump corpses during the plague. The skull of a suppose vampire was unearthed by archaeologist in one of these mass graves in 2006. In the period 1500-1600, there were a lot of inquisitions about witchcraft in Venice. The city also has an Island that was used as an asylum.



It may be a huge metropolis today but parts of the city still have the stigma being haunted. The Chiangsi hospital that used to be a military hospital is said to be the scariest place in Asia. There are stories of ghost sightings especially in the mortuary section and in a room that was said to have been used as a torture room.



The city of Chicago has gone through its own fair share of tragedies. From the fire incident that ravaged the city in the late 1800 and the cinema fire incidents in the early 1900 that 800 people to the deadly escapades of the notorious Al Capone. Some believe the ghost of all these dead people are still roaming about the city.



Salem in Massachusetts has a reputation as a witch city. Many have read of the witch trials that took place in 1992 when about 19 men and women were tried and hung in gallows. There are many legends of haunted places where ghost have been reportedly seen. People have videos and pictures that they claim to represent sightings of witches. Salem has many structures that have a reputation of being haunted such as the Hawthorne House and the House of seven Gobles.

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