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Tourism and destinations goes hand in hand. The renowned tourist’s countries are the one which has earned the maximum tourists through the rich culture they spread around. The top five tourist countries in the world are as follow:-



This country is one which has earned the most tourist crowd; France is one country which has many villas of France. France food and French wine goes hand in hand; the best culture, the best couture and best presentation all goes hand in hand with France. This country has earned and won maximum number of tourists over one decade. The tourism of France is sophisticated and supports maximum visitors. French culture, their traditionalism and their viewpoint for love is different from other countries.



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The second best on the rank is none other than USA. The United States of America is the bombastic destination for supporting the maximum number of tourists from all over the world. This is one country which has supported all the nations and their tourism departments by its mind-blowing culture and richness in its pockets. Holidays in USA are a very different thing and the diversity lies with its people and the type of hospitality it gives to its tourists. It is an international talk that USA holds the maximum diverse people and culture.



The next country came on the line is China. This is third best country on the row. China has a very large geographical boundary in the area. The Great Wall of China is a great attraction and every food in china is worthy enough to chomp. China is a well known place and has earned its reputation through unique culture and which attracts people and its worth time. It is at present the top touristy spot. Chinese people have always worked wonders for the tourists from all over the world. They believe in Buddha and its spiritualism; it is the main attraction throughout the world.



This is the fourth city to attract the maximum tourists from all over the world. The coolest of destinations, Spain has its own culture and sophistication over the world. The Spanish lookout and preferences are always appreciated in all over the world. The food, tourist spots, the care and concern over the place is definitely important. Spain has it all for its tourists. Spain is the second most visited country in the world after Barcelona and Madrid.



This is the fifth city on the row to attract the maximum number of tourists in the whole world. Italian food and culture is a very powerful factor in the international market of tourism. The Italian presentation of the best hotels, restaurants for the honeymooners; and many more has given way to honeymoon couples visit this country for spending the most beautiful part of their life. Europe’s favorite child, Italy has always scored high for its blend of traditionalism with modernization. Whether it’s Italian pasta or the Italian desserts or Italian wine, Italy has represented itself as a very big scorecard.

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