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We all know about the seven wonders on planet earth. Most of these wonders of the ancient have become sort of wiped out by Mother Nature or even forgotten especially by the current generation.  The reason for this is simple; there have been a lot of  urban structures around the world that have slowly pushed these ancient wonders away.


You may even be surprised that it is these urban wonders that have transformed the locations of where they are currently situated. You just cannot see these five urban wonders and not gush with amazement. We have listed these modern wonders for you to see and even visit if you are yet to do so.


Eiffel Tower, Paris

Eiffel Tower

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It may be difficult to imagine how Paris would look without the Eiffel Towel. This 320 meters tall  towel has become the landmark that is giving Paris a beautiful view.  Initially, Gustave Eiffle had constructed the towel for the 1889 World Fair as an exhibit that would be temporary. However, it has never outlived its usefulness after that World Fair.

There are lifts that ascends to Eiffel Towel’s different levels. Climbing has become fun that even refreshment is served. There is the first floor level 58 Tour Eiffel, the Le Jules Verne 2nd floor that is sublime and finally the champagne bar right at the top.

Strøget, Copenhagen

 Stroget, copenhagen

It  was in 1962 that the pedestrianization of Copenhagen was designed in Strøget and it was used to welcome the urban lifestyle.  This shopping street has found its way on the list of one of the wonders of urbanization.  It runs through the center of the city from Rådhuspladsen down to  Kongens Nytorv.  

Strøget has become Copenhagen’s shopping walkway and it has five streets that are continuous.  Tourists are always seen flocking to this urban wonder that still maintains some of its ancient shopping brands. This is an exciting place to stroll with entertainment offered along the streets.


Grachtengordel Canals, Amsterdam

 Grachtengordel Canals

The Grachtengordel Canels has transformed Amsteram to be one of the world’s charming cities with its aesthetic uniformity.  These four canal, Herengracht, Singel, Prinsensgracht  and Keizersgracht have become a global landmark of architecture and urban planning. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site and famous for the small bridges that are going over the four canals.

Pombaline, Lisbon


If you are thinking about a neoclassic design in an urban planning, the first destination that would come to your mind is Pombaline, Lisbon.  It has become the first  anti-seismic and prefabricated amazing system on earth with a modern design despite been so many years ago. It was designed to counter the earthquake that had destroyed the city in 1755.


The White City, Tel Aviv

The White City

Tel Aviv has one way of getting tourists come to it without making noise with its White City. This city has become an exceptional example of how an innovative urban city planning should be like.  The White City  no longer needs introduction because it is one of its kind and there have not been a replica of this type of urban wonder.

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