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It is not every city in the world that makes noise when it comes to tourism, we have listed some of the most reserved tourist sites in the world for you to see.


Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


This city in a dessert has been magically transformed into a flourishing city with no trail of the desert left behind. The rapid growth of this city has been mainly due to fall backs from oil exploration and exploitation. Digging of pipeline into remote areas brought development into rural areas and today the city has expanded far into the Arabian Desert. Most of these resources have been used to fund developmental efforts especially in infrastructure.

San Sebastian

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San Sebastian

The great culinary movement in San Sebastian is way beyond impressive with the three Michelin-star restaurants. Not only will you get to taste the excellent local wines, but you will be able to experience a city that takes their food quite seriously, where your meal can turn into a marvelous event. Are you still wondering where to have the best meals? With these destinations, we believe that you are sure to have a great time in some of the world’s greatest eateries.  You would be amazed that some of the meals served are quite different from  whatever you must have tasted in your life.



When you talk about one being  conscious of his environment, we have just a few  towns that can compete with Madison. It has one of the best urban bicycle systems in the country, a nationally commended chef in the locavore restaurant. They are other countless eco-friendly initiatives that contribute in making Madison the center for all. It is known to have the most vibrant green economy and progressive urban planner mayors. It has the best new bicycle commuter infrastructure and plans for new light rail system.

St Lucia

St lucia

Welcome to St Lucia, where there are lots of vacations for those who would want to spend one of the most exclusive time of their lives. This is the reason why people who are coming to this city are enjoying their vacations. This is one of the busiest cities in the world where tourism has made it easier for men and women to visit this city. Most people come into the city through flight making airport in this part of the world an important place to be. This brings us to car hire. An airport without car rental services is not complete.

Izmir, Turkey


Thanks to the growth in the civil society and nongovernmental organisations in Turkey, many Turkish cities have experienced fast growth and Izmir is one of them. This city that is also known as the Pearl of Aegean is a port city. The economy of the city is flourishing especially when it comes to tourism. The city is very beautiful with streets that are lined with palm and lovely beaches. The city has also grown partly due to the return of Turks from abroad who are choosing to settle in this city. This has also lead to an increase in demand for accommodation resulting in numerous construction works.




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