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The worst thing that can happen to you is to get your passport missing in another country. The pain and stress is something that you may not want to wish for an enemy.  It is not surprising that more than 20,000 passports are stolen every year and a lot of countries are warning tourists against these passport thieves.  In the United Kingdom, there is a new initiative to curb this menace especially pickpockets. These criminals make use of different techniques in catching their victims off guard before they go for their pockets, like hugging them and even asking these innocent people for directions just to distract them.


One campaign that has been used to take care of such incident is The Know Before You Go awareness campaign that is design to enlighten people on how to stay away from such crime scenes during the holidays. We are aware that vacation has become a time to have fun with family and friends and if you are not careful, it could be ruin when your passport get missing. These is no part of the world that these criminals do not operate. This is the more reason why you should be careful with what you move around with and also on how you take care of yourself when you are in another city.  Passports can make a trip safe and smooth travelling but if it is stolen, you just have to know that you are going to waste money and time in getting an emergency travel document.

We have listed some tips that would support you in getting yourself out of trouble especially when you have a passport. There are things that you need to watch out for. The bottlenecks are one of the things that you should be careful about. It has been known that some of these pickpockets do not work alone, they have a team that stand close by whenever they are ready to strike.  You should be wary when it comes to places that are crowded. Your passport should be close and safe around you.  Mind you, it is not every lost tourist that is actually lost. Some pickpockets may use a map to get what they want from their victims. This is simply cover up to their crimes.

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The use of distraction should not be used against you.  Once, you are distracted by a pickpocket, you are likely to be robbed.  Your passport may be one of the most important valuable that you own in another country. Do not forget your passport on your back pocket when you are out of your country. That is one of the easiest way that you can be easily robbed.

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The hugger mugger may act drunk, hugging almost everyone and in turn quickly dipping hands into the pocket to take valuables. You should be very careful of strangers’ hugs especially when they come from people who are drunk or erratic. The first thing you need to do immediately you are hugged is to search for your valuables that the hugger might have had contacts with.



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